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Beltkiss Sanborn
BilquisOcon PR
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Speaker Bio: Beltkiss Sanborn

Beltkiss Sanborn was born in Nicaragua and raised in Yonkers, NY. Beltkiss is the lead PR agent for BilquisOcon PR. As an expert publicist, she can perform traditional PR tasks with a personalized twist. She worked  her first promotional campaign while in college, her thirteen years of promotional experience gave her on site training and troubleshooting skills. Beltkiss can also help you staff your event and create a unique promotional campaign to make you standout. Beltkiss has  a diverse background that includes legal assistant, administrative assistant and web researcher. Beltkiss left that field to grow her boutique agency. Beltkiss is a blogger and social media influencer with a reach of 40K across her social channels. Since 2011, she attends an average of 3 events per week where she networks and gathers contacts. She uses her unique experience and connections to further her client's initiatives and help other entrepreneurs. Her hobbies include cooking, traveling, photography and writing. She currently lives in Jersey City with her husband and business partner and her their three year old daughter.