10 Tips for Managing Event Logistics in New York City

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Successful event planning and logistics management are keys to flawless execution. New York City has the best options for event inner workings, including entertainment, venues, and catering, but none of this matters if an event doesn’t flow well logistically. Create a Cadillac-level event planning experience with these suggestions that streamline every step of your planning process for flawless event flow.

1. Establish Your Event Goals

One of the first steps to effectively managing the logistics of a New York event is to establish the event’s goals. What the event needs to achieve, or what your client wants to achieve through it, can dictate what other event logistics you need to consider, like specific ADA compliance, technology, and press releases.

2. Break Down Your Venue and Venue Options

The venue influences many details of New York events, from space to entertainment options. Traffic flow, the level of immersion for entertainment, and audiovisual integration are just a few that can range wildly depending on the space.

3. Communicate Clear Expectations with Vendors

Communication is always key in logistics management. Vendors benefit immensely from drop-off and unloading times, locations, and the timeline for setup and breakdown. Most venues will have a routine or practice that vendors will be familiar with; however, assuming everything is crystal clear because it’s been done often enough often leads to unwanted chaos.

4. Delegate Event Tasks Appropriately

As an event planner in New York, events can quickly become overwhelming when specific tasks are not delegated appropriately. A trustworthy team is important for this to happen successfully. You can’t do it all, especially larger-scale events with many moving parts. Delegate tasks such as scouting out signage locations, measuring entrances and exits for vendor deliveries, and double-checking any ADA compliance if needed. This gets them off your plate and keeps that checklist checked.

5. Consider Adding Clear Signage to the Mix

Clear and communicative signage can be a great tool for planning a large or small event. Signage is designed to direct traffic and to inform. Event signage can also be particularly useful when managing location logistics for both staff and attendees. 

6. Customer Service Training

Client or event attendee complaints are something no one enjoys mitigating. This makes it all that more important that event staff are all on the same page with how to deal with these situations. Appropriate language and any escalation avenues are great places to start. 

7. Read Vendor Reviews Before Booking

Reading vendor reviews may be a little too obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many vendors can appear as something they’re not. Get in with your event planning crowd and really scope vendors out to find the best fit for your event. This year’s Event Planner Expo is a great place to meet vendors and connect with thousands of people in the industry who have also done business with them.

8. Set Aside Time to Walk the Venue

Just like your realtor recommends walking your new home before closing, walk through your venue before setup and after. Some venues may seem perfect for an event and all the logistics of entertainment and catering at a glance, but there aren’t enough options for power hook-ups or heat and air conditioning. As an event planner, venue walk-throughs can also give you a bit more of a creative boost for design and decor ideas.

9. Create a Plan for Communicating the Day of the Event

Communicating with other event staff is another essential detail to manage event logistics effectively. Specific communication devices and understanding who to contact for which part of the event all smooth out any potential bumps. This helps any potential mishaps to only be small blips on the radar instead of full-on event fumbles.

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