12 Event Planner Essential Items to Have with You at All Times

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Event professionals are masters of preparation and organization. And you likely thrive in high-energy event environments, wrangling vendors and juggling last-minute event checklists. In a way, you’re like a survivalist with a solution or innovative remedy for any challenge that arises. Today, we’re talking about what essentials event planners usually have on hand to ensure they remain at the top of their event problem-solving game. These are the must-haves you’ll find most event planner has at all times. 

1. Event Itinerary and Contact List

Always keep a detailed schedule of the event, including timelines, key contacts, and vendor information. This ensures you can quickly address any timing issues or vendor needs.

2. Multi-Tool or Swiss Army Knife

These are useful for quick fixes and adjustments. From cutting zip ties to tightening screws, a multi-tool is a versatile must-have.

3. Portable Charger and Backup Batteries

Keeping your phone and other essential electronic devices charged is crucial for communication and coordination throughout the event.

4. Stationery Kit

This kit usually includes pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, and highlighters. These are essential for jotting down last-minute notes and changes.

5. First Aid Kit

Having basic medical supplies on hand can address minor injuries and accidents promptly. While your New York City venue likely already has first aid kits handy, it’s always a best practice to make sure you have one available, too.

6. Tape (Duct, Gaffer, and Double-Sided)

Essential for quick repairs, securing cables, and other emergency fixes that may arise during the event.

7. Snacks and Water

Staying hydrated and energized is important for event planners, especially during long events. Quick snacks like granola bars can keep you going.

8. Walkie-Talkies

For larger events with more complex event logistics, walkie-talkies provide reliable communication when cell signals might be weak or unavailable. Or you can use walkie-talkie-like apps, including Vox on your phone to chat on demand with your team or vendors.

9. Tablet or Laptop

Don’t forget your devices for managing digital checklists, accessing vendor contracts, and handling any digital presentations or media needs.

10. Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks

Keeping these items ensures that you can maintain hygiene standards and provide them to guests if needed, especially in a health-conscious event setting.

11. Sewing Kit

Especially handy for wedding planners or other social events where there’s a guest of honor taking center stage, small sewing kits can save the day. These typically include sewing needles, thread, safety pins, and fabric glue for handling wardrobe malfunctions and quick costume fixes.

12. Personal Care Items

Hand sanitizer, tissues, breath mints, and a small mirror to stay fresh and presentable throughout the event are also handy essentials.

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These items collectively ensure that as event planner, you’re well-prepared for any situation that arises, facilitating a smoother and more successful event. 

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