3 Ways to Significantly Boost Your Event Planning Business Bottom Line, Right NOW

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There’s marketing and sales advice in abundance out there, designed to help you land new event planning clients down the road. But what if you need to surge your bottom-line earnings right now? Are you missing opportunities to close deals today? 

If you have short-term sales goals to meet this week, there are some things you can prioritize and do immediately to shake loose some revenue. Check out this list of business-boosting steps you can take right now to increase your event planning business revenue, find new clients, and close more deals. 

1. Pick up the Phone

Sometimes, the best way to get some movement on your event planning prospect list is by picking up the phone. Yes, those digital ads, lead magnets, and landing pages have engaged them well. And they’re moving through your sales funnel nicely. But sometimes, a friendly voice on the phone can inspire action. So, pick up the phone and make a few calls. Check in with your prospects to see if they have additional questions. Or maybe invite them to lunch. But you’ll be surprised to see just how many take another step closer to converting just because you took the time to call.

2. Connect with Last Year’s Event Clients

Go through last year’s client list and identify anyone you haven’t spoken with yet this year. Once you have a list together, start reaching out. Send a friendly email asking about their event planning agenda for 2023. Send a DM on social media just to check in about life. Or give them a call and suggest a lunch date to catch up on things.

3. Attend a Networking Event

Start browsing online and through your emails to spot upcoming networking events, luncheons, or ribbon cuttings. Then get out there! Pack plenty of your business cards and go meet new people. Share exciting news about your business and remind your networking colleagues that you’re looking for event planning clients and referrals. Remember that your business is rooted in relationships. And networking today could net high-value leads and bottom-line boosting exposure you need right now.

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