4 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Event Footage for Your Marketing Plan

As you prepare for your upcoming event, don’t forget to strategize a plan for capturing the best footage. You can use the sights and sounds of this event to share the excitement across supporting social media platforms as well as for landing repeat and new event client business. And building a portfolio is essential for growing your business. So, how do you know what photos and videos are the best selling points? Consider these insights to create your portfolio of incredible event footage!

1. Show Off the Incredible Venue

You know how to uniquely transform each New York venue into the perfect event atmosphere, whether it’s a holiday party, bar/bat mitzvah, or a corporate product launch. Make sure you look to include incredible photos and video clips of your event’s venue in all its glory, with decor, lighting, and aesthetics. A shot or two before guests arrive is great, but so are those action shots of attendees enjoying themselves in breakout lounges or on the dance floor. Share these shots with your venue partner and explore a little cross-promotional marketing efforts together to reach an even broader audience, too!

2. Capture the Best Food and Beverage Footage

Whether it’s a buffet spread or elaborate meal service, be sure to include incredible close-up shots of the delectable food at your event. Mouth-watering favorites and gorgeous plates of upscale fare are great selling tools for anyone looking to hire an event planner. Get creative about capturing steam off of a juicy carving station prime rib. Zoom in on a perfect slice of dessert. And use these shots to make others feel like they can almost smell and taste the deliciousness themselves!

3. Let Viewers Experience the Entertainment

Events have to be fun, even the corporate agenda conferences and meetings. Get great event footage of attendees enjoying themselves, whether it’s laughing over cocktails or cutting a rug on the dance floor. Show face painters creating their masterpieces. Get live-action shots of a pumping DJ. Find shots that demonstrate comfort, enjoyment, and fun. 

4. Ask for Testimonials

If you really want to boost your event planner marketing efforts, get live event footage of testimonials from actual guests! Ask New York conference goers about their favorite aspect so far. Talk to attendees about their opinions of the food, the venue, and the entertainment. And then use those sentiments to share across your social media platforms as endorsements for the incredible experiences you provide!

Remember to first secure the necessary permissions from your venue, your vendors, your event client, and your guests. And then, create an event footage-capturing strategy that includes these four elements to ensure you get the absolute best representation of your incredible events!

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