4 Tips for Promoting Your Charitable Event

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Do you have some big charitable events on the books? Are you brainstorming for event planning tips for an upcoming fundraising gala? If you do, this is the must-read roster of marketing tips you need to see. Today, we’ll share results-driven insights and ideas event planners can use to boost engagement and donations and ensure charitable event success in a big way.

1. Marketing the Charity Itself

When marketing the event, lead with the good cause and charity mission itself. For example, promote the fundraiser using language that tugs at the heartstrings and showcases the intended beneficiaries of the event. Choose messaging that makes your audience feel like you’re not only inviting them to the event but you’re also trying to get them inspired to support the event cause.

2. Put a Megaphone to the Event with Sponsorships

Don’t bear all the marketing responsibility in-house when you can land sponsorships and get support from sponsors who can help spread the word. As an event planner, you know that sponsorships can be a game-changing driving force for a host of events. However, they’re even more important to fundraising events and charity galas because they allow your fundraising message to reach even broader and more expansive audiences.

3. Leverage Every Free Promotional Tool

When you’re marketing an event that is based on raising money for a particular charity or non-profit organization, you have opportunities to boost your message with a host of free tools. In addition to any traditional paid advertising you leverage, make sure you’re tapping into the freebie outlets that can work wonders for spreading the word about your event.

Google AdWords: Yes, Google offers qualifying, non-profit organizations free advertising using Google Ad Grants.

Other Online Resources: Provide ticket links on social media and core website platforms for all involved.

Media Partners: Press releases and media support are great channels for additional coverage of your upcoming charity event.

Local Events, Clubs and Word-of-Mouth: Get networking and spread the word of your upcoming New York gala with everyone in your circle, including colleagues, vendors, and clients.

4. The Three-Part Email Sequence

Leverage the reaching power of email marketing for your upcoming fundraiser by creating tiered sequences. For example, you can develop an email timeline that makes the most sense to your event, but in theory, there should, at the very least, be three parts to your sequencing. 

  1. The official announcement of the event with core details about the venue, dates, times, and fundraising goals
  2. The series of event reminders to send to your email list of those guests who have not yet responded or purchased tickets
  3. The last-chance email that creates a FOMO or sense of urgency needed to boost last-minute RSVPs

Keep these actionable tips handy as you plan your next New York fundraiser or charitable event. And make sure you’re on The Event Planner Expo 2023 waitlist so you can get in the room with the industry’s biggest influencers for even more learning and continued growth as a New York event planner.


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