5 Social Media Marketing Secrets for Event Planners

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If you tried to Google “social media marketing tips,” prepare to be inundated with pages upon pages of “advice.” And sure, some of those nuggets of insight carry some weight. But as a New York event planner, your goals are different from other traditional businesses. Your audiences are unique. And you’re in an industry where experiences matter most. 

Not all of those expert suggestions out there are going to be effective with your event planning social media strategy. And what you really want to know is how the top event pros are making the most of their social platforms. Keep reading. Today, we’re sharing some of the social media secrets you need to hear so you can start boosting your social results in a big way.

1. There’s more than one way to succeed with social media.

Stop chasing that magic wand solution for social media marketing. There isn’t one. But this also means there’s more than one way to achieve results with social media. Don’t be afraid to test the waters with different channels, different post topics, and different lead magnets. Change things up until you find the right-fit combination of efforts that works for you. 

2. Build your following first.

You can have the most revolutionary insights and dynamic posts and still not gain any traction with social media. It’s because you’re not targeting the right people. Before you get all creative with reels, video tutorials, and social contests, get focused about building your following. Spend the time necessary to introduce your event planning services and brand first. Address core pain points and offer valuable content those target prospects want to see. Only after you have an audience of likes and followers will you begin to see results with those more creative and brilliant posts.

3. You can’t be everywhere, and that’s ok.

Don’t worry about chasing every social media trend or being on every platform. You can’t be everywhere effectively unless you have an entire social media department to help you execute. As an event planner, you’ll want to be selective about which social channels your ideal clients use most. And dedicate yourself to a strategy and schedule you can manage effectively. You don’t have to have a strong presence on all the channels all the time. You can drive traffic and achieve results just as efficiently with one or two dedicated channels.

4. Networks and groups are your keys to successful engagements.

Here’s another secret for event planners looking to boost their social media responses. Get in the groups online and build networks you can collaborate with in those respective channels. Identify and curate captive audiences with whom you can interact and engage in a more customized manner. Connect with others in the event space and leverage each other’s reach for even better results. It’s about community. So, relying on solo-post dynamics and efforts won’t ever see the same amount of momentum you can build when you network within groups.

5. Consistency is better than frequency.

You might presume that in order to grow your social media presence, you have to post more frequently. So, for a few weeks, you start creating additional content for your channels, boosting the number of posts. But then, you get busy with event planning, and you miss a few days. And now, those extra posts have lost momentum and have no results to show for them. Stop. The frequency of posting isn’t as effective as consistency. And there’s no point in overextending your resources beyond a schedule you can commit to, either. So, stick with a post frequency you can execute flawlessly and remain consistent with it. Focus on the value of the content you do post, so it resonates well with your target audience. 

As a New York event planner, these social media marketing secrets can help you improve your online presence and drive results! Start implementing new ideas and strategies in line with these insights. And don’t forget, the best place to find inspiration for marketing your event planning business is The Event Planner Expo 2023!


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