6 Benefits of Attending Networking Events to Promote Your Business

We often talk about the importance of business networking and how crucial it is for New York event planners to attend networking events. And yes, we’re still talking about it, well, because it’s just that critical to your success. 

No one event planner can succeed in a silo without the strategic relationships and connections of others. It’s the support and partnerships that drive results, especially for anyone responsible for creating, designing, and hosting engaging events. If it’s been a while since you’ve attended a networking event, these are the reasons to find one to add to your calendar.

1. Stay in the Industry Loop

When you’re knee-deep in your own clients’ events, you can sometimes lose sight of what’s happening in the industry around you. By attending networking events regularly, you’re able to spend some time talking to others about what they’re seeing and experiencing. You can also stay on top of emerging trends and challenges so you don’t find yourself falling behind.

2. Share Inspiration and Get Fresh Ideas

It can feel repetitive sometimes in the event planning world. You could eventually arrive at a point where your designs, themes, and processes feel stale. So, where can you go for inspiration and new ideas? Networking events, of course! When you can surround yourself with other professionals, you can learn about new ideas and give your creativity a boost. Alternatively, you could be the inspiration someone else needs to rejuvenate their event planning game. 

3. Meet New People with Similar Goals

Business professionals who commit to a regular networking event schedule are also committed to success. Even among colleagues who have different industry backgrounds or service varying interests, you can build momentum and confidence when you can network with those who are just as driven as you are. And you can continue to motivate each other to stay on track as you go.

4. Find Partnerships You Didn’t Know You Needed

Partnering with other businesses and organizational professionals is a given for event planners. But when you routinely attend networking events, you also expose yourself to new potential partnerships that you didn’t know existed. Imagine booking new talent or meeting incredibly fresh entertainers. 

5. Socialize and Relax Among Professionals

Here’s the other great benefit of networking events, they’re fun. And if anyone needs a reprieve to socialize among fellow professionals and just have a good time, it’s an event planner. Use networking events as breaks to get away from the operational side of your business. You’ll come back refreshed and revived, too!

6. Recruit New Team Members

As your event planning business grows, you’ll need to be ready to onboard new team members. A great way to spot and attract new talent is with word-of-mouth networking. Tell others about your open positions or new roles and get referrals for new hires.

If it’s been a while since you’ve attended a networking event, consider these benefits. And the #1 New York event conference of the year is coming – get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022!


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