6 Benefits of Badge Ribbons (And Why You Should Use Them at Your Event)

Badges are part of the event planning ecosystem. Your clients use them at corporate events and extended family celebrations alike. But badges and badge ribbons present a unique opportunity for New York event planners to get creative and stand apart from the competition. What are you doing that’s fun and exciting with event badges? Here are some key benefits and ideas to help inspire your next New York City event.

1. They’re Great Icebreakers for Improved Networking

You can plan a corporate event that guests will be raving about with great badge ribbons. Company-related meetings, product launches, or networking events will all benefit from creative badge ribbons. Consider bold, colored badges that share more than just the attendee’s name. Include titles and company representation, but also add something extra to help break the ice for those ready to mingle. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate something “extra” onto your event badge ribbons.

  • Best Vacation Spot
  • Favorite Food
  • Favorite Celebrity or Movie
  • Business Quote
  • Favorite Charity
  • Memorable Year

With a little more information available on the badge, guests will be more open to introducing themselves since they have an icebreaker to discuss. It can be fun and help newcomers lose the networking jitters, especially when they spot someone who shares a love of Italian food, beach vacations, or an obscure movie.

2. They Can Help Promote the Industry or Event Theme

Consider collecting a series of industry stats or little-known historical facts to share nuggets of knowledge via the attendees’ name badges. As an example, maybe for an automotive industry event, you include fun details about the first cars in production or commemorative years for automaker brands. For a family celebration, maybe include family tree history or names of historic figures in the family’s past. Explore unique ways to support whatever you’re promoting with the event by using one-line facts, funny anecdotes, or the latest tidbits. Your corporate or social event could also become an educational one!

3. Added Layers of Security for the Event

How you design and draft your New York event badges can also lend additional clearances and security to the occasion. If the event you’re planning also includes a security staff, the name badges guests wear can be color-coded or have special insignias to help to distinguish invited and welcomed guests from the uninvited or those who haven’t checked in yet. Much like a gate attendant would stamp your hand after verifying your age at a concert venue, your name event badge ribbons can be used much the same way, but with extra posh, style, and class.

4. They’re Ideal for Recognition and Awards

Help those guests in attendance capitalize on their recent awards or recognition. Maybe they’re keynote speakers or special guests. Additionally, when attendees check-in and receive their welcome documents, show them the extra appreciation with special recognition name badges. And anyone receiving an award or recognition for an achievement should have a stand-out badge to boot!

5. Sponsorship Packages and VIP Labeling

As an event planner, you’re likely to use sponsorships as a way to promote and secure additional revenue from your event. And your name badges and badge ribbons can play a huge role in those efforts. For example, offer branding on attendee badges for top-tiered sponsors to increase event exposure and recognition. Take it a step further by also using identifying designs to distinguish VIPs, as well. Badges could be a significant added value resource if you just know how to use them to your advantage.

6. Great for Getting Social

Name badges and badge ribbons are also great real estate for showcasing Twitter or Instagram handles, as well as event hashtags. Use those name tags to help promote social media, so when the guests start snapping selfies with their new networking pals or friends, they’ll know just where to post them. And that can build incredible momentum for promoting your event overall.

New York event planners like you can always be exploring creative new ways to tap into old event necessities, like the name badge. Get people buzzing about the event and eager to mingle and network by just spicing up the badges. What are some of the unique ways you’ve been able to leverage event badging or badge ribbons to get people talking? 

For more inspiration and to learn more about improving your event planning business, you simply must attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October. Learn more about potential sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities with us, as well!


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