6 Benefits of Creating a Newsletter for Your Event Planning Business

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You’re busy running a successful event planning business, which means your time is already calculated. The last thing your schedule will allow is another project to take on, like producing a company newsletter. But before you dismiss it altogether, keep reading. Today’s event planners have access to tools and resources that make newsletters incredibly simple to create and send. And if you can manage to swing it, there are some pretty impressive benefits to publishing a regular newsletter. 

1. Establishing a Regular Connection with Your Audience

Keep in touch with your audience, including past event clients, vendors, colleagues, and new prospects, with a regular newsletter delivered to their inboxes. A newsletter keeps them all informed on the buzz and excitement of your business. But because you can control the narratives, you can use newsletters to educate, entertain, empower, and enlighten them, too.

2. Share News and Events You’ve Curated

Use your newsletter to share post-event highlights and activities, demonstrating your expertise in events. You can use the newsletter to showcase event sponsors and participants to benefit them with greater exposure. But all the newsletter recipients will recognize the value of your efforts, too. Create buzz around what you’re doing and events you plan to show off your best results.

3. Have Another Channel to Share Blogs and Content

Your newsletter is another great channel for squeezing extra mileage out of your blogs and other content. Be an events industry thought leader in your space and share insights of your blogs with everyone on your newsletter email list. Routine newsletters with industry knowledge and helpful tips will only solidify your position as a prominent expert in your event planning niche.

4. Newsletters Nurture Leads

You likely have a list of event planning prospects who aren’t quite ready to connect with you about their events yet. Asking and inspiring them to subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to further nurture them into connecting with you. And each newsletter you deliver reminds them of your brand and event services. So, when they are ready to start planning their New York event, you’ll be top of mind.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Many New York event planners will leverage a company newsletter as a mechanism for driving traffic to their websites and landing pages. Offer nuggets of information, event-related stories, and fun topics. But keep an opt-in call to action present in your newsletters, inviting readers to learn more and see more on your website.  

6. Gain Insights with Polls and Surveys

Having a newsletter list of recipients can be a goldmine for data. As an event planner, you’re always looking to create memorable experiences based on what event attendees want most. And you can use your newsletter as a vessel for uncovering those preferences with polls and surveys. Ask your audience for their opinions and ideas to then apply those insights to improve your event engagements.

You’re more than busy, but with all the software and convenience tools available to help facilitate your company newsletter and knowing all these benefits, you might decide the newsletter is the boost your marketing strategy needs. Learn more about improving your marketing efforts, too, by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023, where the events industry’s top entrepreneurs and influencers will all be on-hand to share the very latest trends and insights. Get your tickets for all three days! And secure your exhibitor space on the trade show floor to showcase your brand to thousands of event professionals and decision-makers ready to invest! It’s a marketing event and networking conference you can’t afford to miss, especially if you’re looking to grow and scale your event planning business!


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