A Decade of Greatness: Why You Need to Attend the Event Planner Expo 2022

The Event Planner Expo in New York is always a must-attend event, but this year we’ve taken it up a notch. In celebration of the expo’s 10-year anniversary, The Event Planner Expo of 2022 will be full of professional insight you won’t want to miss. 

Whether you’ve heard about the Event Planner Expo before or you’re just now figuring out what it is, keep reading for why you should claim your ticket to this year’s event. 

What Is the Event Planner Expo?

The Event Planner Expo is a 3-day event that brings together many of the most successful business leaders. They will share their insider experience, knowledge, and advice with event attendees. Whether you’re in the event planning, marketing, or hospitality industry, you’ll benefit from this conference. 

This year’s Event Planner Expo runs October 11th-13th and includes over 50 speakers. 

Why Should You Attend?

You know the Event Planner Expo is the conference of the year for industry professionals, but how will it help you specifically?

Keep reading for three reasons why you should buy your ticket to the Event Planner Expo today. 

Learn Strategies and Tactics from Keynote Speakers

The speakers at the Event Planner Expo are chosen for their expert knowledge and industry insights. They’ll teach you how to boost your business while inspiring you to aim high. 

The keynote speakers for 2022 include:

– Mel Robbins – best-selling author and motivational speaker

– Jesse Itzler – Atlanta Hawks owner and Marquis Jet co-founder

– Sharon Lechter – financial expert and business mentor

– Jason Feifer – Entrepreneur Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

The Event Planner Expo’s speakers are always top-notch, with past speakers including Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuck, Martha Stewart, and Mario Armstrong, among many others. 

Network with Other Professionals

By bringing so many industry professionals to the expo, you’ll be surrounded by people invested in expanding their business and learning valuable tips and tricks. 

While you’re sure to make connections no matter what, there’s also an opportunity to take your networking to the next level. With a VIP ticket, you have access to the networking lounges where you can form lasting connections and partnerships. 

Apply What You Learn to Your Business

With three full days of strategies and methods to soak up, you’re sure to leave the Event Planner Expo with ideas for how to turn what you’ve learned into actionable steps for improving your business.

Make sure to come to the expo with a notebook in hand so you can write down all of the tips and tricks you don’t want to forget!

Get Your Ticket to the Event Planner Expo Today

The Event Planner Expo in 2021 boasted an impressive list of speakers, and this year’s event is sure to be even better. Come celebrate ten years of the expo’s success as you hear from top professionals and leave with helpful tactics.

Ready to attend the Event Planner Expo in person or virtually? Secure your ticket for October 11th-13th now and we’ll see you there!


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