Copywriting for Event Pros: 5 Tips for Crafting Language That Converts

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New York event planners are generally wizards at coming up with creative ideas, event themes, and design elements. But what about content? Are you as confident in your ability to draft resonating messages and copywriting that engages as you intend? From event invitations and social media posts to email marketing strategies and blogs, make sure you’re tapping into these five insights. It’s the guide you can reference to ensure every message you write makes a big impact on your audience.

1. Be a Storyteller

Your audience will look forward to your messaging if you can capture their attention and keep them engaged. Don’t just make salesy blanket statements when you can instead tell a story. Every great story has a main character, for example, which should be them. There’s a challenge to overcome and a hero, which should be you, helping to resolve their problems. Be precise with your language in every email, post, and correspondence. But don’t be afraid to get creative with attention-grabbing opening lines and a great story.

  • Testimonials make great storytelling content.
  • Common event planning challenges are great villains.
  • Allow the readers to come to their own conclusions, namely, hiring you.

2. Close with a Purpose

Make sure every piece of content you share outlines what it is you want the reader to do next. Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for a webinar? Do you want them to schedule a consultation or visit your website? However you define the “conversion” point for each message, make sure you close with a clear purpose and easy-to-follow directives for the readers to take action.

3. Speak Their Language

When copywriting any piece of writing or content for your New York event planning business, avoid going over your audiences’ heads with jargon or industry nuances they might not recognize. You plan hundreds of events, but they don’t. Keep the language simple and understandable to the general audience. And if you’re not sure if your message is too complex, have a friend or family member read it and tell you how they interpreted it.

4. Tighten up Your Grammar

It’s worth mentioning that any grammar errors, plagiarism, or punctuation mistakes have no place in any copywriting you do for your event planning business. You don’t have to be a prolific English major to be effective, especially with all the available grammar tools online. Before you hit send or post any content, run it through a checker to make sure it’s polished. Any mistakes, even the smallest oversights, can reflect negatively on your brand.

5. Speak Actively in the Present

Another tip for keeping your content relevant and engaging involves using the present tense. Sure, a little passive voice is good, and when you’re reflecting on past events, you’ll need to use past tense. However, when you keep those action verbs lively and in the present tense, it creates a sense of “now” for your readers. This can be especially helpful when you’re inspiring them to read to the end and take action with your “now-based” CTA.

As you create marketing campaigns and messaging for your plans, email, online, and otherwise, keep these copywriting insights in mind. And to learn more about improving your event planning marketing strategies, make sure you get in the room with the best of the best at The Event Planner Expo 2023! The official waiting list is open now, so click here and never miss an announcement!


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