Corporate Event Must-Haves in 2023

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New York event planning is different today than it was in years past. And if you’re planning corporate events, including team meetings, product launches, and company gatherings, there are a few new insights to consider. Today’s corporate events expect different experiences. And these are the must-haves to add to your corporate event planning strategies to ensure success.

Adopting All the Best Tech

Your corporate event needs to be infused with all the latest technology, from aesthetics to presentations. Today’s corporate meeting guests expect to be dazzled with interactive AR and VR activities. Projection maps are used to help transform event spaces, too. Corporate gatherings are also embracing the hybrid engagement, bridging virtual guests to the event with intuitive technology. And if your particular event also includes stage presentations, product demonstrations, and keynote speakers, make sure you have professional audiovisual teams on hand to harness all the best tech experiences.

QR Codes and Conference Apps

Another must-have for your corporate event involves a digital connection with your guests. QR codes for event registration and RSVP are essential. Digital badges and name tags are also popular. And today’s event planners are using event apps to engage guests prior to, during, and after the event electronically. If you’re not yet adopting event apps, now is a great time to start.

Corporate Events Benefit from Themes 

Just because your corporate event is all business doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and engaging. Today’s corporate conferences are exciting for attendees and usually involve event themes and brilliant decor and designs. Treat your product launches, trade shows, and team-building events as you would other types of events worthy of incredible and engaging themes.

Impressive Meals and Beverages

Delight your corporate event guests with impressive meal service, delectable snacks, and iconic beverages. Even the most casual of meetings deserve tastefully prepared fare. Consider unique elements, too, like espresso bars or dessert stations. And custom specialty drink bars are great for those company events that support networking and mingling among the guests. Don’t forget to consider guest dining preferences and work in more sustainable options for food prep, too.

Comfortable Guest Experiences

Remember, no matter what type of New York event you’re planning; your attendees will need to be comfortable. So, as you coordinate your upcoming corporate gathering, look for every advantage you can that supports ease of access, comfortable seating, spacious networking, and conveniences. Nothing’s worse than a yawn-worthy meeting where guests feel cramped or uncomfortable in their seats. And they don’t want to be in a venue they struggled to find parking for and stood in line to manually register for too long. Look for every creature comfort you can bring to your attendee experience.

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