Do Your Event Vendors Enjoy Working with You? (How to Tell & How to Improve)

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Your New York events are only going to be as flawless as your event vendors are fantastic. And you know a great event partner when you work with one. Usually, you build rapport and call on them for all your events. But do you know how your event vendors feel about working with you? Are you a joy to collaborate with on an event?

If you’re not sure or are just assuming that because they agree to work with you that they enjoy the partnership, keep reading. Here are signs your vendors aren’t collaborating like you’d want them to and what you can do to improve the strategic relationships needed to keep your event vendor roster on point.

They’re Grumbling Behind Your Back About Discounts

You’ve heard about caterers and florists grumbling about their “over-demanding brides” when wedding planning. But what if those event vendors are grumbling about you as the lead event planner? It’s possible they’re rolling their eyes for a number of reasons, the biggest being the ongoing request for discounts. Sure, price negotiations are important with your event partners. But brow-beating about discounts can actually drive those valued partners away altogether. 

What to do about it: Be mindful about how often you request discounts with every event. Instead, meet to discuss pricing once or twice each year and hash out trading services and general price discounts then. 

They’re Courteous, But Not As Friendly As They Once Were

Your event partners used to be over-the-top friendly and enthusiastic about collaborating for an event. But lately, you’re noticing a bit of coldness about them. They’re still courteous and professional but don’t seem to be that excited anymore. If this sounds familiar with your event vendors, it could be you’ve overstepped. 

What to do about it: Start by talking with your event vendors about their needs. Ask what you can be doing as the event planner to make their roles easier or more efficient to execute. Hopefully, you’ll uncover what, if any, concerns or roadblocks they’re experiencing when working with you.

They’re Not Always Available Anymore

Do you sometimes feel like some of your best go-to event vendors are experiencing scheduling conflicts more frequently, leaving them unavailable to partner with you? It could very well be that their businesses are growing, and they really are busier than ever. Or it could be that something about working with you isn’t all that appealing anymore, and they’re looking for ways to avoid your events. 

What to do about it: Talk with them. Be open and transparent, especially if you recognize any mistakes you’ve made with them. Inquire with them about how you might be able to improve and recultivate the relationship again.

They’re Afraid to Ask Questions

Strategic partnerships with caterers, entertainers, florists, and others are still partnerships. And they won’t survive unless they’re rooted in trust, respect, and collaboration. Another sign that your event vendors aren’t feeling any of the three is how frequently they come to you with questions and ideas. If your partners aren’t talking to you and collaborating, they might not be comfortable doing so. 

What to do about it: Connect with your quietest vendors and ask for their input. Inquire about what they think might improve the event or how you might collaborate to help them. More of these conversations can build and rebuild trust in a positive way.

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