Elevate Every Event with These Brilliant Amenities

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Some corporate events and social event celebrations call for more upscale aesthetics. And as a New York event planner, you’re always looking for new ways to incorporate more elevated elements into the event experience. If you’re looking for more inspiration for taking your events to another level of posh engagement, keep reading! We’ll share some ideas and brilliant amenities to consider for more elevated experiences. 

Level Up Your Basics

If you want to transform your traditional corporate or social event into a brilliant, luxurious event, you’ll need to level up every detail. Start with your event planning task list of basics and elevate every aspect. So instead of booking any New York venue, look to secure an upscale New York venue. Instead of bringing in a catering partner, get selective about high-quality menu options and sample the dishes to make sure they are nothing short of delicious.

Here are some of the other event planning details that will need luxury-level upgrades:

  • Event Designs and Decor
  • Event Entertainment
  • Event Invitations and Guest Communications
  • Textures and Aesthetics

Upgrade Your Event’s Interactive Elements

Don’t presume that an upscale event doesn’t also require upscale engagement. And your New York event should always have interactive elements that add class and elegance to your event. From stunning dessert stations to innovative virtual reality activities, incorporate fun and engaging segments to delight your guests. 

Here are some other interactive ideas for inspiration:

  • Technological Interactive Activities
  • Guest Surprises
  • Community or Charity-Related Activities
  • VIP Lounges and Fireside Chats

Red Carpet Appearances

Nothing catapults a New York event into the upscale and luxury stratosphere quite like a red carpet with exciting celebrity guests strolling through the entrance. Consider elevating your corporate or social event with a big-name or surprise invitee!

Here are a few ways to incorporate a celebrity guest:

  • Celebrity Keynote Speakers
  • Celebrity Performers
  • Celebrity or Surprise Appearances
  • Celebrity Artists

Comfort Matters

It’s not hard to forget about the event planning details that involve big, splashy elements and even bigger impressions. But don’t forget to also consider the obscure, often overlooked details, like those involving comfort and convenience. You can plan the most elaborate and exciting event and still miss the upscale mark because of something minor related to comfort and convenience. 

Here are some of those elements to consider:

  • Comfortable Seating
  • Easy Parking and Entrance
  • Stunning Bathroom Facilities
  • Adequate Yet Ambient Lighting
  • Convenient Access to Water and Snacks

Custom Everything

Another way to elevate your New York event to an upscale celebration is with brilliant customization. Consider introducing custom elements designed and named to suit the event themes. Make each guest feel like a VIP at an exclusive event when you can create unique experiences at every turn. 

Here are a few customizations to help infuse your next event:

  • Custom Cocktails and Beverages
  • Custom Seating
  • Custom Menu Selections
  • Custom Recognitions 
  • Custom Guest Gift Bags

Whenever you’re planning a New York event that calls for upscale and luxurious touchpoints, consider these ideas and amenity suggestions to make it brilliant! And speaking of elevated events, have you marked your calendar for The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October yet? Learn more about securing your tickets, sponsoring, or booking your booth space on the exhibitor floor at the #1 events industry conference of 2023!


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