Event Planners Are Exploring the Benefits of Podcasts

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Event planners will use this New Year time to often review data and metrics about their marketing plans. The idea is to spot areas of improvement and trends that warrant new strategies in the new year. And for some, those improvements come in the form of new marketing channels altogether. In 2023, prepare to see more event professionals adopting podcasts as another way to reach their audiences. There are incredible advantages for those who have successful podcasts, too. Here are just a few benefits you can consider to decide if podcasting for your event business is the right move in 2023.

Your Audience Is Already Listening

Another benefit of incorporating a podcasting strategy is that your audience is likely already tuned into podcasts. More and more people are discovering favorite podcasts across a variety of industries. You can introduce your brand and event planning services to an existing audience already subscribing to podcasts as a method of education, enlightenment, entertainment, and encouragement. 

It’s a Great Channel for Personal Connection

There’s a readership for traditional content and viewership for video content. But the listening audience for a podcast (and simultaneous viewing when you share it on YouTube) allows for a deeper, more personal connection between the host and the audience. Storytelling into a mic is far more effective than trying to piece together a series of posts over social media.

It’s Increasingly Easy to Get Started

You don’t have to be a broadcast major to launch and maintain a successful podcast these days. In fact, there are a host of great tools that make it super-easy for anyone to develop and start a podcast channel. Check out the list of essentials that HubSpot put together, most of which you likely already have in your office. And you can find incredible tutorials online, too, to help you build confidence at the mic.

Podcasts are Game-Changing for Brand Authority

You know who has successful podcasts? Important people, important voices, and important brands have podcasts right now. You can tap into that reputation for your event planning business and open up the conversation to be a thought leader in your space.

Increase Website Traffic

The more people you connect with authentically, the more likely they are to then interact with your digital assets. Drive more traffic to your event website or social media channels. Get people to cross-follow your brand on all your channels, improving your online presence and engagement.

Perfect for Repurposing Content

Don’t be intimidated by podcasting because you aren’t sure how to develop a topic strategy for episodes. You already have a content calendar, either for your event planning newsletter, blog series, email campaigns, or social media posts. You can reformat those topics into real-life conversations, perfect for podcasts. Reinforce those written content ideas with a podcast conversation and gain more traction with potential event clients.

Broaden Your Audience Reach and Frequency

Because podcasting is still one of the newer platforms businesses are leveraging, it’s less crowded there than it is on social media. You have an increased opportunity to reach your target audience and beyond with an ongoing podcast series. And you can authentically connect with listeners more frequently, increasing your potential for conversions. 

So, as you carve out and perfect your marketing strategy for 2023, consider adding podcasts to your roster of channels. They’re growing in popularity and can be incredibly effective for event professionals ready to level up their marketing. 

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