Examples of Brilliant Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Photo by Karolina Grabowska: experiential event; activation

Experiential marketing, events, and activations are popular among top brands and companies looking to engage with their customers. As a New York event planner, you can be tapping into these experiential event trends so long as you have brilliant ideas in mind. Get inspired by some of these genius experiential marketing efforts and start building out your event planning portfolio of experiential events!

Camp Yellowjackets at the SXSW Festival

The SXSW Festival is one of the most highly-anticipated film festivals, attracting big-name production companies and entertainment brands. And this festival is chock-full of experiential events. For three days, festival goers, for example, could experience Camp Yellowjackets, the abandoned camp featured on Showtime’s hit series. 

The Claude Monet Immersive Experience

Another great example of a successful experiential event is the Claude Monet Immersive Experience. Spread across several cities; this activation invited participants to step into the “dream world of the impressionist painting style’s founder.” Featuring 360-degree projections, 15,000 square feet of screens, and VR technology, this crowd-pleasing event introduces thousands to the brilliant works of Claude Monet in a digitally-immersive environment.

Listerine Users Are More Likely to…

Check out this Listerine activation, which proved to be a wild success. Starting off with “Listerine Users Are More Likely to..” this street engagement drew crowds and featured performances and participants doing all kinds of things. 

  • Listerine users are more likely to do yo-yo tricks
  • Listerine users are more likely to beatbox
  • Listerine users are more likely to be in a magician’s act

Crowds gathered, danced, and participated. They also shared videos on social media and boosted the brand, in addition to getting customers to try and sample the popular mouthwash.

Other Genius Experiential Event Ideas

Get inspired to create your own event planning portfolio of experiential marketing events and activations with these additional examples!

  • An athletics company puts on a “how high can you jump” activation, inviting passers-by to test their verticals in relation to pro basketball players. Participants get a chance to win new sneakers.
  • A popular airline uses the time between takeoff and landing to walk around the cabin of passengers, granting holiday wishes as Christmastime. The footage goes viral and boosts the airline’s brand.
  • Another sporting equipment brand stages a severe weather storm simulation booth and encourages participants to try out their new weatherproof gear.

Keep those event planning creative juices flowing with these fun and engaging activations and experiential engagements. And find even more inspiration by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October – tickets are available NOW!


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