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Let’s talk about content. As a New York event planner, you’re always looking for marketing insights and new ways to increase brand awareness. Of course, you might already have social media posting schedules, newsletters, and blogs in place, too. But are you really getting all the valuable mileage out of your current content strategy? If you’re not sure, keep reading. We’ll share genius ways to repurpose and expand your current content calendar to make sure you squeeze every last lucrative drop of effectiveness out of it.

Breathing New Life into Old Blogs

If you’ve had a website and blog for a while now, feeling tapped out on new topics to cover, it’s time to develop a repurposing calendar. Breathe new life into those old blogs by providing relevant insights based on today. Maybe there are new bullet points to add or emerging trends for 2023 worth mentioning. But don’t presume that once a blog is posted, that topic still doesn’t have new life and interest. Create a calendar of past topics with new ideas to infuse for fresh blogs. 

The Long and Short of It

Take those shorter messaging efforts, like social posts or email marketing ideas, and transform them into longer, more in-depth content discussions elsewhere. And on the other side, take some of those long-form blogs or in-depth newsletters and create shortlists and hot topics that sizzle with quick nuggets of advice.

Take Deeper Dives into Certain Topics

Some of the topics you cover in your content are your niche. And any subject matter that falls into your wheelhouse specialty deserves a deeper dive conversation. Take those unique-to-you stories and create several other blogs or content pieces that explore topics in relevant new ways.

Create Spin-off Content Calendars

When you sit down to develop your primary content calendar, consider creating a spin-off calendar of secondary and repurposed content. So, you can then plan on your core messaging first, with a roadmap for getting all the mileage out of each effort. Planning for the second life for all your content will ensure you never run out of relevant things to say.

Spread the Wealth to All Applicable Channels

If you’re writing a blog post about wedding centerpieces, consider also creating social media posts to support those wedding centerpiece ideas. Then create a quick topic in your event planning monthly newsletter about wedding centerpieces, using much of the same ideas you shared in your original blog post. Get mileage out of one thoughtful discussion across all your applicable channels and content sources.

Get creative with your event planning content strategy and tap into some of these tips for getting the most mileage out of your messaging strategy. 

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