How ChatGPT Can Help Your Event Planning Business (And How It Can’t)

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These days, it seems there’s a new technology becoming all the rage every day. And one of the latest innovations is ChatGPT. Have you heard about it?

This new AI chatbot tool is taking the content community by storm, including businesses and marketers looking for new ways to create compelling messages and ads. Launched in 2022, ChapGPT is a language tool that makes super light work out of any content creation task you have. 

Like with any new innovation, there are pros and cons to consider. And there are unique advantages for event planners who know just how to leverage these tools for their events and businesses. Don’t get swept up in the hype about ChatGPT. Instead, tap into these aspects of OpenAI’s introduction to boost your event planning efforts with real results.

What Is ChatGPT Anyway?

If you’re unfamiliar with ChatGPT, let’s start with the basics. It’s a natural language process tool that an AI company, OpenAI, introduced last year. It’s open to the public as a FREE use tool, too, which helped catapult its popularity among marketing professionals, brand reps, and content creators. There is an updated paid version also available, with more robust features included. But overall, here’s how it works.

You type in a command about the type of content you want the AI to produce. And using its coding for human-like conversational language, the chatbot will create content in seconds. So, instead of wracking your brain to come up with a compelling sales email, you can ask the ChatGPT bot to come up with something for you. It’s almost like having an Alexa or Siri tied into your keyboard, providing generated content responses to questions, commands, and inquiries.

What ChatGPT Can Do for Event Planners

As an event planner, it makes sense to adopt as many tools as you can that help save time, improve results, and organize your efforts. ChatGPT can help you do all of the above. Some of its most widely-spread uses include:

  • Writing Sales Email Campaigns
  • Drafting Structured Outlines for Presentations or Content
  • Create an App
  • Build your resume
  • Write Excel Formulas
  • Summarize Content
  • Write a Cover Letter
  • Create Landing Page Content

Once you officially get the hang of how to use it with prompts and commands, it’s a game changer. Elon Musk called it “scary good,” and more than one million people signed up to use it within the first five days of its launch. 

Where ChatGPT Still Falls Short

Before you jump onto the ChatGPT bandwagon and get rid of your content team, remember you’re dealing with AI. And AI has limitations. ChatGPT isn’t going to write your event planning blogs for you. You won’t likely approve of its first-draft results either. The AI won’t understand some of what you ask it to do, meaning you’ll have to reword your command or question to get better results. And you’ll want to proofread and fact-check every output to verify its accuracy and grammar. To leverage everything ChatGPT can do, have the right expectations to know and understand what it can’t do.

  • ChatGPT won’t replace your content team. 
  • ChatGPT won’t always get it right.
  • ChatGPT still requires supervision.
  • ChatGPT won’t always be plagiarism-free.
  • ChatGPT will sometimes sound unnatural.
  • ChatGPT won’t be able to convey complex ideas.

Recognize when a human touch is needed with your content. And don’t rely too heavily on the AI’s ability to generate results-driven text. However, using it as a guide or helpful leg-up in your content efforts is where it shines.

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Create a free account and sample ChatGPT for yourself. Just remember it’s not a replacement tool for human creativity and content. But if it can shave hours off your processes or help inspire better writing for emails, event apps, client presentations, and more, it’s worth it. And be sure to reserve your spot at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!


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