New York Event Pros: 5 Habits of the Most Successful

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As a New York event planner, you possess certain skills that others might struggle to master. You’re a creative genius with a passion for creating memorable experiences. But despite having all the event planning chops, you might still be struggling to grow your business and scale successfully. The difference between you and those wildly successful New York event planners might just be simple habits and routines. These are just a few of the deliberate choices the biggest and most influential event planners make. And with a few adjustments to your habits and routines, you could join them among New York’s best.

1. Asking All the Questions

The most successful professionals are always asking questions. They never settle, even if the answers seem obvious. As an event planner, you have a unique opportunity to always be asking if there’s a better solution, a bigger idea, or more efficient ways to execute. You can also be inquiring of others more, learning about challenges you can help to solve, or insights you can absorb. When you stop asking questions, you stop learning. So, make a conscious effort to gain new perspectives and identify brilliant ideas by asking new questions every day.

2. Forming New Relationships Everyday

To be a successful New York event planning entrepreneur, you need strategic partnerships. This is not an industry that allows for professionals to operate in a silo. You need people. You need connections. And the best of the best are always seeking to form new relationships every day. While you might assume that meeting some new venue representatives or catering partners is enough, it’s not. Those who experience the most growth are those who are willing to find mentorships, work with competitors, and become students to those with more experience. Start building your network in a more meaningful way and make a habit of forming strategic relationships ongoing.

3. Taking the Stairs

Ok, so maybe you can’t take the stairs every day. But you can transform your habits to embrace more health and wellness decisions. Self-care is a top priority for successful event planners. They know when to take breaks, when to eat, and when to put down the screens. Growing your business doesn’t mean running yourself ragged. Instead, make healthy decisions where you can and start prioritizing a work-life balance routine you can commit to every day. Small steps over time lead to renewed energy and impressive results, both personally and professionally.

4. Offering Compliments 

The most successful people, in general, will tell you they make a habit of expressing gratitude. As a New York event planner, you can practice dishing out compliments wherever you can. Complimenting those around you helps improve their self-esteem. When people feel good about themselves after an encounter with you, you’ve made a positive impression. And it’s important to recognize that compliments can and should be given to anyone, not just key prospects or respectable pros in your circle. Thank the frontline workers and high-five your floral delivery driver. And be proactive about making others smile. 

5. Seeking New Ways to Get in the Room

They say if you’re driving a yellow car, you’ll start seeing yellow cars everywhere. If you’re always worried, you’ll spot more worries in every scenario. For the most successful event planners, all they see are opportunities. For them, it’s about finding ways to get in the room with those who can be revolutionary for their personal and professional growth and their businesses. If you can form a habit of spotting opportunities, then you, too, can start getting in the room with all the key figures you need to grow.

So, what new habits will you try to form this year? The most successful New York event planners do these five things. And they also make sure they get to The Event Planner Expo 2023. Mark your calendars for October 10th through 12th and learn more about remaining exhibitor opportunities at the #1 event industry conference of the year!


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