Social Media Event Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you’re event marketing for a New York event specifically or looking to market your own event services business, social media is a pillar channel to use. But there are some mistakes event planners make with their social media marketing efforts that could be costing them leads and engagements. Check this list to see if you’re making these social media marketing mistakes – and change things up so you can drive better online results.

You’re Social Media Marketing without a Roadmap

Effective social media marketing calls for a strategy. And if you’re simply posting about events or randomly uploading images, you’re not following a roadmap to success. With every social media initiative, from your business marketing to specific event marketing, create a strategy that includes the following:

  • Goal or objective of the social campaign
  • Target audience of the campaign
  • Timeline and frequency commitment to post
  • Content strategy outlining tone, style, and positioning

You’re Relying Too Much on Automation

You’re a busy event planner, so you’re always looking for innovative tools and software to help you streamline the time and effort it takes to run effective marketing campaigns. Automation, including scheduled posts and chatbots, is revolutionizing social media marketing in a big way. But it would be a results-tanking mistake to rely on automation entirely. A set-it-and-forget-it approach means you might be missing opportunities to actively engage with your social audience. And it’s not going to help you “listen” to the conversations happening online that will help you identify areas of improvement or growth opportunities.

You’re Failing to Engage 

You can be posting with regularity and according to your scheduled strategy but still miss the mark if you don’t bother to engage with your social media audience. All those posts are designed to encourage likes, shares, and comments. But if those engagements fall on deaf ears, they won’t engage further. Keep an eye on interactions with every social post you put out there. Answer questions, respond, and engage with your audience.

You’re Inconsistent with Posting and Content

If you’re the event planner who posts a whole bunch of content one month but then fades out the next month, the inconsistency is hurting your marketing results. Don’t feel like your brand has to be on every single social channel or post five times a day to be effective. Instead, choose the one or two channels that reach your targets best and commit to a regular posting schedule that fits into your schedule. Dominating one or two channels is more effective than sprinkling messages across ten channels. And posts every Tuesday and Thursday are more effective than inconsistent posts throughout the month.

Stop making these social media marketing mistakes with your efforts and start seeing better results online! And learn more about social media marketing for your events and brand by attending the Speaker Series at The Event Planner Expo 2023 – the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk will be taking the stage and sharing revolutionary insights about social marketing and entrepreneurship. Get tickets and explore the remaining exhibitor space, too, to showcase your business to thousands of event professionals this October!


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