Dan Nevins
Wounded Warrior Project
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Speaker Bio: Dan Nevins

Dan founded the Warriors Speak program with Wounded Warrior Project to help wounded veterans and caregivers share their motivational stories of service and sacrifice with the public. These professionally-trained presenters speak about their military and civilian experiences and topics like leadership, resilience, and teamwork. All speakers are provided for free, as their only purpose is to raise awareness for the needs of this generation’s injured military service members.

After an IED detonated under his vehicle, Dan lost both of his legs and now uses prosthetics. Everyday he lives with a traumatic brain injury and the emotional wounds of war. Dan credits Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) with his successful rehabilitation, which instilled a “can-do” attitude, positive outlook and passion for helping his fellow wounded warriors in him.

He quickly became an advocate for the organization, inspiring both his peers and the public to create positive change for themselves and those around them, simply by sharing his powerful story. In his spare time, Dan teaches yoga to crowds across the country, builds his own nonprofit to continue to help injured veterans, and speaks on behalf of WWP.