Trade Show Planning Advice Today’s Event Planners Need to Hear

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There’s event planning. Then there’s New York trade show planning. And for any New York event planners who curate industry conferences, expos, and trade shows, there is a new rulebook of strategies to make sure they’re engaging and successful. This is the advice today’s NYC event planners need to hear to ensure continued success when planning these monstrous events.

Collaborate with Other Event Professionals

There once was a time in the events industry when you might have shied away from working with other event professionals. After all, you’re competing, right? That strategy is no longer effective. In fact, today’s event planners in NYC recognize that when working together and pooling ideas and resources, they can create even bigger and more experiential events. And when you’re planning a trade show, there’s plenty of room for additional partners, big ideas, and collaboration. 

Create a Virtual Engagement Element

Nearly every event today also includes a virtual element. From live streaming portions of the trade show to providing a full recap video of the event afterward, look to digitize your engagement. Hybrid events allow for broader audiences as well as additional supporters. Start exploring the various virtual event technologies and make sure your New York trade show offers a unique and remote experience.

Offer Exhibitor Advice

Don’t just coordinate your New York trade show vendors. Go further by creating a layer of support and booth success advice for every partner. Newer brands and companies may not know all the tips and tricks for establishing a great booth. Demonstrate your expertise and share your knowledge. The more successful and engaging your booths are, the more successful and engaging your trade show will be for guests.

Securing Sponsors

You’ll likely have a plan and strategy in place for securing sponsors. No trade show is complete without them. However, it’s important to dig deeper and get more focused on how you attract sponsorships. Create value-driven tiers of participation, including VIP experiences and additional exposure. And today’s event professionals are providing even more complex layers of analytics to follow up after the event. Demonstrate the branding and lead-generating results to those sponsors and build a network of ongoing relationships for future sponsorship opportunities.

Develop VIP Experiences

Speaking of VIP experiences, don’t forget to create them for your New York trade show. Some guests will be willing to invest more in passes and tickets to have keynote speaker meet and greets, to enjoy front-row seating, or to have access to VIP lounges. VIP tickets aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But no one will buy those tickets if you’re not at least offering them.

Bookend Your Trade Show with Parties

Today’s event planners are getting creative about how they welcome guests and how they say goodbye when the trade show is over. Consider creating opening parties and closing parties for your conferences. Kick off the opening day with a celebration that boosts the vibe and builds excitement. And you can close out a great trade show with an after-party event that allows guests to mingle and have fun one last time before the event concludes.

Keep these trade show planning insights in mind as you look for areas of improvement. And get tickets now to join the excitement at this year’s Event Planner Expo, kicking off this October! It’s the #1 event planner conference where all the best ideas and most successful pros come together. You don’t want to miss it!


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