What Types of Events Are Making a Huge Comeback Right Now?

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As a New York event planner, you know and understand the roller coaster our industry experienced in recent years. But there is a massive comeback movement of all kinds of events. And you have a unique opportunity to expand your planning services to include these types of resurging events and conferences. Get inspired and tap into these trending events to grow your business!

Social Celebrations Are Bigger Than Ever

Families couldn’t wait to get back together for those in-person celebrations. And today’s event landscape is chock-full of potential clients looking for event planning services to help bring those bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and milestone celebrations back in a big way. These social gatherings are bigger than ever before, and those hosting know they need an event professional to help. If you’re not marketing your planning services among these audiences, you could be missing out on a serious opportunity for growth and scaling.

Corporate Brands Are Bringing Back Team-Building Events

Small businesses and large brands joined the return to in-person gatherings, too. Team-building events, corporate meetings, product launches, and annual co-worker celebrations are back on the books. And these corporate decision-makers need all the organizational help they can get to pull these events together. Your event planning team can be reaching out to these corporate brands and businesses to offer your professional organizing services. If you’re not already planning corporate-type events, now would be a good time to start.

Conferences and Trade Shows Are Booming

Boat shows, home shows, holiday vendor conferences, and technology trade shows are making a comeback, too. The public is eager to attend, just as much as the vendors want to set up their booths. Be the coordination magician that you are and market your event planning services to these industry organizations and brands responsible for bringing these conferences to life. Dazzle them this year with your expertise and be the go-to event planner for every recurring year, too!

Destination Weddings and Reunions Are Popular

There is another event trend you should have on your radar. There is growing popularity for destination celebrations, including weddings, anniversaries, and family reunions. What many people want most, after having been cooped up in their homes and boxed-in work environments, is a vacation. And celebrating an event somewhere new is all too appealing. It presents an opportunity for event planners who can help coordinate these destination gatherings to step in and help.

Businesses Are Celebrating Grand Openings

The New York business landscape is always changing, with new businesses and services popping up almost daily. What’s different now is that even those small businesses are wanting the grand openings and increased exposure to promote their offerings. New York event planners should always be on the lookout for emerging new brands, so they can present their services and help spread the word about exciting new restaurants, venues, businesses, and storefronts.

Get inspired by the growing number of events making a huge comeback right now. Event planners can adapt their marketing strategies and launch new service offerings to meet these growing event demands. And it will mean certain growth for your business, too!

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