Why Networking Events Are Mission-Critical for Event Planners

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When you’re not busy planning New York conferences, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, or corporate events, you should be attending networking events as a guest. When all you do every day is plan events and organize celebrations, sometimes, the last you want to do is attend an event. But networking and professional business gatherings are mission-critical for your event planning business. And there are plenty of reasons to commit to attending networking events in 2023.

In case you need the gentle reminder, here are the primary advantages of networking to grow your event planning business.

Your Chance to Build Strategic Relationships

The most significant advantage of networking events is the chance to meet new pros and build relationships with key professionals in your industry. Get introduced to the right decision makers or marketers you need to know to get your foot in the door. Mingle with fellow event professionals and build alliances with those in your space. These networking engagements are the best places to get all those ideal relationship-building opportunities in one place.

Connect with Event Influencers

Depending on the theme or industry nature of the networking event you’re attending, you can find yourself in the company of some pretty big influencers. Key industry figures and thought leaders all know the importance of networking events. And it’s where you can get in the same room with them, too. A few selfies with the right person can drive incredible awareness of your brand and boost your social engagement, as well.

Grow Your Vendor Network

As an event planner, your job is easier when you work with the best vendors. And it’s during these networking events that you can find and connect with new-to-you event services and businesses. The more robust your vendor network, the more successful you’ll be in planning all of your New York events.

Brainstorm for Innovative Ideas

Sometimes, when you hit those creative event planning lulls, a networking event can be just the solution. Socialize with colleagues and other business professionals to brainstorm for fresh ideas and innovations. Talk with other pros about what trends they’re seeing and what brilliant event ideas are working well for them. You can share your insights, too, for great collaboration.

Solve Common Problems

In addition to coming up with new ideas, networking with others can be a driving force for solving industry challenges and problems. And even if you’re not necessarily struggling with any particular problems, just conversing about similar obstacles can lead to even better, more effective solutions.

Refine Your Brand Message

When you engage in smaller circles of conversation, whether it’s among event colleagues or with client prospects, you have a unique opportunity to refine your sales pitch and brand message. Networking allows you to dive deeper into explaining your services and unique differentiators. Hone in on your event planning mission statement and elevator pitch. And then use networking events as the perfect time to connect more intuitively with others.

One of your New Year’s resolutions should involve a stronger commitment to attend more networking events in 2023. Leverage these key advantages for your event planning business and squeeze every benefit out of every engagement.

And probably the most significant networking event you should plan on attending next year is The Event Planner Expo 2023. Get on the waitlist and stay up to date with every announcement now through next October, so you don’t miss a thing!



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