3 Emerging Trends in Virtual Event Planning

Virtual events are here to stay. If you’re not squeezing every single drop of ROI out of virtual events for your business, you’re missing out on valuable growth opportunities. Now, as our industry prepares to close out the year, it’s a great time to strategize a proper roadmap and plan for better virtual event execution in 2023. And these are the emerging virtual planning trends you’ll want to know about as you develop your strategy.

1. Don’t Ignore the Revenue Potential of Virtual Events

If you aren’t sold yet on providing hybrid event accommodations for your in-person events or aren’t exploring new virtual event service offerings, check out these stats.

  • EventMB research last year said that 71% of all event planners would continue to offer a digital event strategy.
  • Another survey pointed out that 97% of industry professionals surveyed would expect to see hybrid events continue.
  • A LinkedIn poll of 200 companies showed that 72% of respondents would continue with virtual event services because of their cost-effective nature and global reach potential. 

2. Traditional Event Boundaries Are a Thing of the Past

If the pandemic had a silver lining for event planners, it would be virtual events. Over those lockdown periods, event planners found a way to remain engaged and relevant. And since then, those traditional event boundaries have dissipated. Today’s events, with a virtual engagement element, can reach overseas, beyond boundaries, around travel cost constraints, and even language barriers. Virtual event planning will be profitable for years to come!

3. Get Inspired with These Virtual Event Types

If you need inspiration about incorporating virtual events into your in-person engagements or want ideas to develop your stand-alone virtual services platform, consider the diversity of these virtual engagement types.

Webinars – Webinars are great tools for boosting leads, improving conversions, and driving sales. 

Networking Online – To improve attendance and engagement opportunities, many are exploring virtual networking events.

Inter-organizational Meetings – Consider promoting your ability to plan company meetings, inter-organizational collaborations, and departmental conferences.

Digital Conferences – When you offer your ability to plan corporate and industry conferences, extend those to include virtual conferences and connect an even broader audience of attendees.

Virtual Trade Shows – Virtual trade shows are growing in popularity, too, with a unique channel for bringing in far more exhibitors, sponsors, and participating partners online.

Digital Concerts – Showcase your love of the arts and entertainment by offering virtual art shows, performances, and concerts.

Online Job Fairs – Tap into every industry segment and offer your ability to host a virtual job fair to bring in more top-talent candidates.

Virtual Fundraisers – Reach out to your non-profit organizations and offer your virtual fundraising services, with added donation channels and broader outreach.

Consider these incredible opportunities and advantages of offering virtual event planning services and hybrid platforms. Learn more about other event trends, too, when you get your tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2022!


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