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Virtual events have experienced a significant increase in popularity in recent years. Because of world events and ever-improving technology, we are able to connect with professionals and like-minded individuals worldwide. As a virtual event planner, it is your responsibility to handle all of the logistics for hosting a successful virtual event. These tools will make it easier to successfully plan virtual events and make every digital connection memorable. 

Comprehensive Event Management Platform 

Similar to planning in-person events, you need a comprehensive platform that lets you manage all aspects of your virtual event. Having a single place where you can organize everything about a virtual event is a must for staying organized. A virtual event planning platform will be slightly different from a traditional in-person event. Look for features that can assist with registration, virtual venue creation/management, in-event attendee engagement, and analytics reporting. This will provide you with complete support from beginning to end. 

Interactive Guest Scheduling 

A virtual event can give your attendees more flexibility in how they engage and attend your event. Have an interactive scheduling platform that they can log into and customize their schedule. Automated reminders ensure they won’t miss events. Choose a system that can offer customized suggestions. This will create a better, more personalized experience for attendees and increase attendance across the different events. 

Networking Solutions 

If you are planning a professional virtual event, you need a networking aspect. This can be more challenging, as everyone is attending virtually. Look for a solution that can create different networking methods. This begins with an algorithm that can suggest connections for attendees. Then, group and one-on-one opportunities for people to communicate in real-time virtually. 

Engagement Solutions 

When hosting a virtual event, you risk people taking a passive approach to the event. This can make it challenging to have strong engagement rates. Audience interaction tools can make it easier for attendees to participate. Creating more avenues to participate increases the engagement rate and improves overall attendee satisfaction. Look for a solution to facilitate question submissions, live polling, real-time chats, and a virtual lounge for connections. 

Attendee Concierge Tools 

Having an attendee concierge tool will significantly reduce your stress levels and give you more time to complete tasks. This type of tool will become essential right before and during the event. You can focus on event production while the concierge tools provide support and immediate answers to attendees. 

Post-Event Analytics and Insights

Similar to traditional in-person events, you need to have analytical reporting to determine the profitability and viability of your virtual event. If you have clients who hire you to plan virtual events, post-event reporting is essential for providing performance validation. You can leverage these analytics to improve future virtual event planning. Look for a comprehensive reporting system that can give you information about registration, attendance, engagement, lead generation, and content effectiveness. 

Virtual Swag Bags

The expense and logistics of organizing traditional physical swag bags can create unnecessary complications. Instead, opt for a virtual swag bag that compliments your virtual events. Have attendees log into a portal with their given username and password for the event. They can access promo codes, discounted products, and digital downloads. 

Virtual Trade Show Booths 

Attending trade shows creates the perfect opportunity for networking and increasing brand reach. With virtual events, you need to get more creative in how you provide these opportunities. A virtual trade show is an interactive virtual experience that allows exhibitors to have a digital version of their trade show booth. Attendees can browse the virtual booths at their own pace, similar to walking through a traditional trade show booth. Look for a virtual trade show platform that lets exhibitors showcase their products, has a contact form for capturing leads, and is a way to directly engage with attendees. 

Improve Your Virtual Event Planning 

Virtual event planning may not have the same challenges as traditional event planning. However, there are still multiple elements to consider. These tools will help make it a breeze by addressing the unique challenges and needs that virtual events have. Another must for making virtual planning easier is to connect with other industry professionals. Networking at The Event Planner Expo gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with exhibitors who can help you elevate your virtual events. 


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