Corporate Event Marketing Insights You Need to Know

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Let’s talk about corporate events. As an event planner, you might specialize in certain types of corporate engagements, including product launches, grand openings, industry trade shows, company holiday parties, charity fundraisers, or corporate conferences. But regardless of your niche corporate event planning specialty, you’re going to need to be savvy with your marketing. Whether you’re creating campaigns to invite the public or engaging with marketing outreach to land new corporate event clients, these are the marketing insights you need to see.

Marketing Campaigns Need Consistency to Be Effective

Marketing, in any sense, has to be consistent to be effective. You don’t want to dilute your message or the emphasis on your message by confusing your audience with various taglines, colors, or CTAs. Instead, use a series of benchmark hashtags across all your corporate event social campaigns. Keep the color palettes the same across digital, print, and signage messaging. Develop a few solid call-to-action statements to use throughout – maybe, “get tickets,” “book now,” or “learn more” to inspire every stage of the guest opt-in process.

Center the Experience Around the Corporate Brand

Be mindful to center your event experiences and all the marketing imagery or messaging used around the corporate event brand. You want this engagement to feel like it’s an extension of the client. In the case of marketing your own event planning business, every engagement you promote should be remarkably yours so everyone seeing it recognizes it’s you behind the scenes. From logos and taglines to hashtags and graphic designs, stamp each marketing initiative with the brand behind it.

Align Your Corporate Event Goals with Your Client’s Goals

When you’re curating a corporate event for a client, you’ll want to be sure to align the event’s vision and objectives with the client’s goals. For example, your marketing should focus on driving donations if the client is hosting a fundraising gala intended to raise money for a cause. In a product launch event, the goal might be to surge sales and conversions of the new product. Spend time drilling down on your client’s goals in your event planning efforts. And with those event goals in mind, you can then create the memorable experiences and marketing messaging that hits home on those goals.

It’s Not Effective If You Can’t Prove It in Metrics

No matter how fun or engaging your corporate event ends up being, your clients won’t necessarily consider it a success if you aren’t able to back up your marketing and event effectiveness with the right metrics. Tracking is one of the most important marketing insights to account for in your strategy. Prepare to follow up with evidence of how many invites went out and how many guests arrived. Provide analytics behind your corporate event marketing in terms of marketing emails sent, social campaign impressions, and press release coverage. Use these data points to convey to your corporate event clients the outreach and impact of your marketing. And use the metrics, too, to help you identify which campaigns worked well versus which still need improvement.

Corporate Event Marketing Suggestions

When you develop your strategy for promoting a corporate event or create your own business model marketing plan, you should consider these efforts to be your most effective.

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Dedicated event landing pages
  • Press releases
  • Event app for attendees
  • Early-bird, VIP, and discount ticket marketing
  • Content marketing (blogs and newsletters)
  • Behind the scenes sharing (before, during, and after the event)
  • Digital ads and retargeting ads

Keep these corporate event marketing insights in mind as you plan and curate brilliant events this year. And for more tips and emerging advice for boosting your event planning business, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Thousands of the industry’s best and most successful attend this #1 Events conference. And getting tickets or exhibiting to showcase your business is essential! Learn more about the remaining trade show floor availability today! Get your tickets and make 2023 your best corporate event planning year yet!


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