Email Marketing for Results: How to Improve Attendance with the Inbox

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Email marketing can be a complex process, especially when promoting specific events. New York event planners like you rely on email campaigns to spread the word about upcoming events and to boost awareness of your event planning business. But to be effective today, with real results, you’re going to need a new playbook. Email is still a top channel for delivering messages and communicating with target recipients. However, it’s going to take some specific planning and email marketing strategies to really improve event attendance and grow your event planning business. Today, we’ll outline how you can tap into email marketing for actual results!

Know Your Recipients and Segment Your Email Marketing Lists

When you create email marketing sequences, be sure to know your target recipients. Segment your lists into different categories and customize your messaging accordingly. Also, be sure to draft an introductory email and a series of follow-up correspondence that fosters an increased sense of urgency.

Templates Are Great, So Long As You Personalize Your Emails

It’s definitely recommended that you create and use email templates to save time. But don’t send generic templates without personalizing each email. Address the recipient by name, for example. And open your email message with a catered salutation or introduction.

Make Your Emails Engaging and Conversational

A boring email will find its way to the trash bin quickly. Avoid the bore factor with more engaging and conversational emails. Write your emails in a way that reads like a conversation. Read the event emails out loud and see if they sound like you, speaking to this person directly. Use colorful action words and sell the sizzle with every NYC event you promote.

Your Event Planning Brand Should Be Evident Throughout

When anyone receives an email from you, they should recognize immediately that it’s from YOU. Your event planning business brand should be evident at all times. And the event you’re promoting should also be easy to recognize within the first “skim through.” 

Emails Should Look Great on Mobile

Don’t make your email marketing messages long and winded. Emails shouldn’t read like a book. Most of your recipients will be checking their email on their mobile devices. So, keep your messages brief and easy to consume on the go. You can always include links for “additional information” should your recipients decide they want more.

Track All Your Email Marketing Metrics

Every event-related email you send will generate certain metrics. Use those analytics to improve your email marketing efforts ongoing. For example, track open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and responses. This data can help you refine your messaging and campaigns in a way that improves results.

Use Compelling and Easy-to-Click CTAs

When event planners send emails, they’re typically hoping for a next step. Make sure all your event emails have a transparent call to action step. It has to be easy for recipients to buy tickets, RSVP, get more information, or ask questions. Ensure your CTA statements stand out and describe specifically what you want your recipients to do.

Dangle Incentives and Valuable Information

What’s the purpose of the email? If you’re not sharing exciting information or dangling event incentives, your email isn’t going to have the value it needs to inspire action. Infuse every event email with purpose and value.

Avoid the Spam Folder with These Tips

No one is going to respond to your event marketing emails if the emails themselves land in the spam or junk folder. Avoid the spam folders by following these email marketing tips:

  • Avoid trigger words like “sale” or “buy now” in the subject line.
  • Maintain your IP address reputation ongoing.
  • Provide double opt-in formats.
  • Don’t send attachments in mass email campaigns.
  • Provide legally required “unsubscribe” options for all emails.
  • Don’t overuse images and links throughout.

Subject Lines Matter in Email Marketing

Don’t be salesy or gimmicky with your email campaign subject lines. The subject line is not the place for “clickbait.” If you want your recipients to open, read, and respond to your email, manage the first impression subject line the right way. Use sentence-case text that briefly describes the purpose or the value of your email.

A/B Test Everything

Some of your New York events will generate better email marketing responses than others. And some email techniques will work better among certain audiences over others. The only way to know what your email marketing strategies need is to constantly A/B test different methods. Change up your CTAs or subject lines. Try emojis and images, along with some emails without either. 

Discover More Email Marketing Techniques at The Expo

Today’s event planning professionals can still find success with the inbox by using and subscribing to these insights. Email marketing for results today calls for a new playbook that includes these key suggestions. Start improving event attendance and drive more leads to your event planning business. And remember, you can learn so much more about today’s marketing strategies and best practices at this October’s Event Planner Expo 2023! Thousands of the events industry’s most successful professionals will descend into NYC for three days of high-energy networking, incredible learning opportunities, and new strategic partnerships. 

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