How to Be a Wildly Successful (And Sought-After) Virtual Event Planner

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The food, the drinks, the venues, the music, and, most importantly, the attendance. These are the key elements that go into becoming a successful event planner. For a virtual event planner, however, there are some different aspects that are required for success.

While there may not be food and drink provided, a successful and sought-after virtual event planner still needs to have impeccable attention to detail. They also need to be well-versed in virtual event platforms and hosting digital events.

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a virtual event planner? Then keep reading for more helpful information.

Stay Updated on Industry Trends

A successful virtual event planner is up-to-date on all things relating to the virtual events industry. This includes regularly reading industry blogs, following industry leaders on social media, and becoming a part of relevant forums to stay properly informed about any upcoming trends or changes in the industry.

To become a successful virtual event planner you may take it one step further and attend virtual events yourself. Doing so will allow you to experience virtual events firsthand. You’ll have a front-row seat to see how virtual events operate.

Take it upon yourself to experiment with new features and technologies. This will allow you to better understand their potential applications in virtual event planning.

Invest in Professional Resources

Becoming a successful virtual event planner isn’t something that happens overnight. You need to put in the time and effort needed to stand out above the rest. You need to prove that you have the right skills needed for the job.

That’s why enrolling in specialized courses or certification classes is vital. These classes teach you the ins and outs you need to become a more experienced virtual event planner. You can also attend workshops and seminars held by the industry’s best to learn valuable skills and practical knowledge.

These events let you network with other professionals. This allows you to share experiences and know-how to expand your connections.

Build a Diverse Virtual Event Planner Portfolio

Having a diverse portfolio showcases your capabilities in a wide range of different event industries. Someone with experience in virtual event planning will be able to put their skills and expertise to good use for a variety of clients.

You’ll want to have experience in large and in-demand industries such as:

  • Corporate
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing

To build your portfolio as a virtual event planner, you’ll want to have the names of specific companies and clients you’ve helped. It’s also a good idea to ask for testimonials from past clients in the case that a current client wants to contact them for a reference.

Your portfolio should also detail things like specific challenges you may have faced and how you overcame them.

Collaborate With Other Experts

A good virtual event planner is able to wear several hats. They also possess a strong willingness for collaboration.

That’s why it is essential to form partnerships with specialists in related fields. You’ll need to make connections with professionals like graphic designers, content creators, and technical support professionals.

Leverage the expertise of your partners to help enhance the overall quality of your virtual events. Define roles and responsibilities clearly to ensure smooth coordination within your collaborative projects.

Develop an Impressive Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence is a must. Social media advertising allows you to strategically reach a wider audience and promote your services. Use your social media profile to share highlights and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your virtual events.

You can also engage with your followers by responding to comments and asking questions for feedback. Encouraging discussions lets you see what prospective event attendees want to see at future events.

Not only is a strong social media presence good for your brand as a virtual event planner, but it’s also good for your events themselves. 60% of virtual event planners use social media to help them get valuable event registrations through effective outreach.

Utilize Ways to Boost Virtual Event Attendance

Planning a virtual event is one thing, but getting people to actually show up is a whole separate issue entirely. Imagine going to all that trouble and finding out no one registered or even bothered to come to your virtual event. It’s every event planner’s nightmare.

It’s even worse for the businesses behind the event. 45% of companies use registration and attendance numbers to measure the success of their virtual event. That’s why you need to focus on areas like email marketing, social media outreach, and event sponsors to get the word out.

Possess Strong Communication Skills

As a virtual event planner, you’ll need to communicate with multiple sets of people from your event attendees to your event sponsors and event presenters. You must ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands the specifics of your virtual event.

You’ll also need to understand the client’s specific needs. You must verify that you’re meeting their goals, preferences, and expectations. Open communication is key to facilitating a successful virtual event for all those involved.

Communication is also vital for gathering event attendee feedback. You’ll need to send out post-event feedback surveys and polls and encourage attendees to fill them out.

Research Virtual Event Platforms

Of course, to be a successful and sought-after virtual event planner, you also need to have an extensive knowledge of event platforms. Virtual event platforms are an invaluable part of your virtual event tools arsenal. There are potentially hundreds of virtual event platforms out there but not all of them are created equal.

Some virtual event platforms of note include:

  • Hublio
  • Airmeet
  • vFairs
  • Webex Events
  • BigMarker

It’s up to you to research and test out some of these platforms until you find the best ones. Read reviews and ratings online. If there are demo versions available, try them out for yourself first.

Knowing the features and benefits of multiple platforms will allow you to pick the best virtual event platform for your event’s unique needs.

Have Effective Time Management Abilities

As a virtual event planner, you may have to juggle multiple projects at once. You must have efficient time management abilities in place to ensure that each project gets the attention it needs and deserves. You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Time management can help you reduce the risk of potential oversights and errors. As a virtual event planner, it can also help you meet crucial deadlines. Many virtual events are time-sensitive so it is important that you don’t drop the ball and miss deadlines.

You’ll need time management on your side to communicate with any event sponsors or event presenters in a timely manner.

Plan Out Clear Agendas or Itineraries

Because your event is online and not in person, you may think there’s more flexibility involved. You may be tempted to wing it, but this isn’t a good idea.

Not having clearly planned out agendas or itineraries for your virtual events is one of the top virtual event mistakes you can make. If your event is running behind schedule or goes over the originally scheduled time, this can reflect poorly on your abilities as a virtual event planner.

A successful virtual event planner will always have every detail planned out. This includes elements like Q and A sessions and any planned breaks throughout the length of your virtual event.

Know How to Create an Engaging Event

Sitting behind a computer screen for virtual events always runs the risk of growing stale. Creating engaging virtual events is a must. Even a corporate event needs to be engaging.

One way you can avoid this is by tailoring your virtual event so that it aligns with your target audience. Another way you can stay engaging is by defining your virtual event goals. This will help you pinpoint specific objectives you wish to achieve with your virtual event.

Be sure to also have appealing topics to drive the discussions further. Bringing in in-demand guest speakers and field experts will also boost interest and increase engagement during your virtual event.

Engage in Continuous Learning

Even after the completion of your virtual events, a virtual event planner’s job is never truly done. With advancing technologies and new trends in virtual events, a successful virtual event planner is one who takes the time to always research, learn, grow, and adapt. This is especially true since 71% of marketers plan to continue investing in avenues like virtual events.

An event planner must also use the data and feedback they receive from each event to learn their virtual event’s strengths and weaknesses. Even bad feedback is a valuable analytic tool that shows a virtual event planner where they can do better in planning future events.

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