How to Make the Event Check In Process Easy for Guests

event check-in

The event planning industry is expected to grow to more than $1,550 billion by 2028. But despite the growth of the industry, it still faces some common hurdles.

One common issue event planners face is a complicated, slow, or challenging check-in process. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that complicated!

Keep reading as we dive into what you need to know to make your event check-in process easy for your guests.

Collect Payments Ahead of Time

One of the biggest headaches of most event registration processes is the payment process. Errors with payment processing software are common. Your event guests might also have issues of their own, such as finding that their cards aren’t working or that they are short on funds.

Making payments a part of your event registration process means that payments will already be completed before the check-in process begins. This can pave the way for a quick check-in process so that nothing stands in the way of hosting a successful event.

Provide Check-in Info Before Check-in Begins

A couple of days before your event, send out a mass email to all participants. This email should include any information that they need to know about the check-in process, and what they can expect when they arrive at your event venue.

Remind your guests about any documents they need to have, where to go, and what they will need to do to get checked in so that they can start enjoying your event. This will not only make for happier event guests but can also help you keep the check-in process moving more smoothly on the big day.

If you are using an event check-in app, you can also send out a push notification containing the information that your guests need to know ahead of time about the check-in process.

Give Your Check-in Process a Trial Run

If you’re having your event guests check in remotely before they arrive, or on an app or at kiosks at the event, make sure to do a trial run before the event begins.

Make a few of your employees use your event check-in software to “check in.” This will help you determine whether your software is functioning properly. It can also help you spot any potentially confusing directions or steps so that you can correct them before your even begins.

Create Priority Event Check-In Areas

No matter how much planning and preparation you’ve done, things can still go wrong from time to time. A slow check-in line is sometimes unavoidable. But the last thing that you want to do is delay the start of your event because speakers, staff, or other important guests are stuck in a line.

To avoid this, create a priority check-in line or area to make sure that these guests can get through more quickly.

Have a Station for Unregistered Guests

If you’re going to allow guests to register for your event on the day of, make sure to create a separate station where they can register. Because this will likely take longer, you’ll want to remove these guests from your regular check-in line to avoid slowdowns.

Mastering the Event Check-In Process

The event check-in process can sometimes be a headache in an otherwise perfectly planned event. But with these tips, you can streamline the check-in process and avoid common hurdles.

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