How to Tap into Event Psychology When Planning Your Event

When New York event planners take on a new event, the focus might be on decor, catering, entertainment, venue, and themes. But the true success of any event, social or corporate, lies in its ability to authentically engage attendees. And if you’re not event planning with a little psychology in mind, you could be missing key elements in your strategy. Here are a few inspirational ideas to help you tap into the psychology of event planning to create your most memorable experiences.

Create a Strategy Addressing the Hierarchy of Needs

Getting scientific, Abraham Maslow’s theory involving the “hierarchy of needs” is still relevant today. Maslow suggests that all people are motivated by five categories of needs, starting with the most basic. As an event planner, you can create a strategy using these needs to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your guests.


Food, drink, shelter, and warmth are all needs in this category. For your event, you’ll want to select amenities for all of the above as a foundation.


Safety and security are the motivating factors next in line. Event planners should address any concerns and have security plans in place. This might involve unwanted guests, secure online payment methods, and COVID precautions.

Love & Belonging: 

At this stage, and once the first two needs are met, people will look for belonging, friendship, and inclusion. You can address these needs next with seating arrangements, name badges and bios, and platforms or environments that allow guests to interact based on their own preferences.


In this phase of the hierarchy, people will seek status, respect, and achievement from others and engagements. Event planners can look for ways to involve guests as contributors and collaborators. Look for opportunities for awards or recognition. 


Once all other needs are met, people are then comfortable in exploring personal or professional growth, self-fulfillment, and realizing potential. Here’s where you can promote how attending your event will enrich their lives, improve their position, or impact them in some way.

Connecting Your Event to Guest Emotions

What makes people feel good? Remember, you’re planning an engagement where people seek to become connected and experience positive ranges of emotions. If you want attendees to be relaxed, pay close attention to the colors you choose and the layout of the venue. If you’re looking for a high-energy experience, those colors, venue, and decor preferences will be different. 

Appealing to the Five Senses

Another way to tie psychology into your New York event planning is by incorporating aesthetics and conference elements that appeal to the five senses. Choose a venue with complimentary lighting for the engagement you’re hosting. Decors and themes should inspire visually appealing responses. There is also sound, so quality music, entertainment, and audiovisual equipment are paramount. Tastes and smells come into play when it’s time to serve dinner. And all the “feels” of an event, which include comfort levels of seating and ambiance, can be catered for the best psychological response.

Get inspired to incorporate a little psychology into your New York event planning strategy. For more inspiration, make sure you get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022! Mingle with top industry professionals and influencers to discover more ways to improve your event planning game!


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