Magical Event Venue Ideas for a Winter Wedding in NYC

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Are you planning a winter wedding in the Big Apple and looking for event venue ideas? New York City offers a plethora of extraordinary settings that are perfect for a magical winter wonderland celebration.

Imagine your clients exchanging vows surrounded by sparkling lights at a historic mansion or cozying up with their loved ones in a rustic warehouse in Brooklyn.

Whether your client dreams of an outdoor wedding in a snowy wonderland or a cozy indoor setting, this quick guide will provide several enchanting options to help you make their wedding day unforgettable.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding

Winter can be a magical time to tie the knot in NYC. However, it’s important to plan and consider some important factors to ensure the day goes smoothly. Before you ever set foot inside an NYC wedding venue, here are some helpful tips to remember when planning a winter wedding.

Consider the Weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so planning for potential snowstorms or extreme weather conditions is essential. Check the weather forecast regularly and have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Communication with vendors and guests will be essential if changes need to be made due to weather conditions.

Don’t Forget About Heating

Venues that are equipped with heating systems are key for winter weddings. Nobody wants to be shivering in their formalwear! Consider venues with well-maintained heating systems that can accommodate everyone in attendance, including guests, vendors, and the bridal party.

Ensure Accessibility

Choosing a venue that won’t be impacted by heavy snowfall is important, as accessibility can be a concern. Additionally, consider how guests will park and access the venue. Discuss with vendors how to handle the snow on the wedding day.

Account for Seasonal Decor

The winter season offers unique decor and arrangement possibilities. Consider incorporating winter themes like pinecones, evergreens, and winter flowers like Amaryllis or Poinsettias into the wedding decor. Work with a florist to decide on an arrangement that complements the season.

NYC Event Venue Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Based on the tips above, it’s time to start browsing options for a wedding venue in NYC.

Consider the overall aesthetic your clients are hoping to achieve first. Then, consider the size of the space needed to accommodate all their guests, any amenities they’d like to have on the big day, and other important factors that will ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Now, are you ready to find the NYC wedding venue of your client’s dreams? Here are some great event venue ideas in NYC for a winter wedding.

The Carriage House

If you’re planning an indoor winter wedding in New York City, the Carriage House is a great venue to consider. Located just a stone’s throw away from Manhattan and the Bronx, this historic venue was built in the 1850s and once served as the home to the horse-drawn carriages of the first Mayor of Englewood, NJ.

The venue can comfortably fit twenty-five to one hundred guests across two floors, making it ideal for more intimate weddings and couples looking to achieve that timeless, historic look on their special day. The Carriage House team is also extremely helpful if you need help planning the event, and they offer various options to suit any wedding budget.

The best part? The on-site Italian restaurant offers some of the best gourmet Italian food in the area. Whether hosting the rehearsal dinner or a post-wedding brunch, your client’s guests are sure to enjoy whatever’s on the menu (the 10% discount for bridal parties is an added perk).

The Weylin

The Weylin in Brooklyn is the perfect winter wedding venue for those seeking a blend of classic elegance and modern luxury. This breathtaking event venue underwent a restoration. Now, it’s one of the most sought-after event spaces in the city.

The venue boasts an awe-inspiring interior with stunning architectural details that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Walking down the aisle here feels as if the bride is walking into the hallowed halls of the Pantheon in Rome or Paris.

But what sets The Weylin apart is its ability to cater to weddings of different sizes. The venue has different areas that can accommodate intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.

The Carlyle Hotel

The Carlyle Hotel is an exceptional choice for a winter wedding venue, offering an opulent and polished atmosphere rich in traditional New York charm.

Boasting lavish chandeliers and gleaming floors, the hotel’s decor will take guests’ breath away. The sweeping skyline views from the hotel will leave an everlasting memory. The regal combination of marble, velvet, and leather accents throughout the venue exudes luxury and romance.

The hotel offers various rooms that are uniquely designed, with the largest being the Trianon Suite. This room can accommodate up to 140 guests, offering a grand setting for any wedding ceremony.

The Edison Ballroom

Situated in the heart of Times Square, your clients will have an unobstructed view of the glittering lights and snow-capped cityscapes if they have their wedding at The Edison Ballroom.

This incredible space combines classic and modern features that exude a timeless charm. It’s famous for its exquisite decor, evoking the glamour and sophistication of old New York with its luxurious gold and silver tones, leather walls, and stunning crystal chandeliers.

Thanks to the posh lounge and dance floor, The Edison Ballroom is an excellent option for couples to host their ceremony and reception in the same venue. The grand ballroom can easily accommodate larger wedding parties, making ample space for a dance floor, photo booth, and buffet tables.

The Penthouse at the Ravel Hotel

Do you have clients hoping for a winter wonderland wedding in NYC? The Penthouse of the Ravel Hotel is a top venue choice. Situated among the city’s dazzling skyline, this location offers panoramic views of Manhattan’s wintry wonderland.

The ballroom is ideally suited for larger celebrations. Its elegant furnishings create a luxe feel perfect for an upscale wedding reception. With all-inclusive packages available, The Penthouse takes care of all aspects, from bartenders to photographers (which makes your job as an event planner much easier).

Plus, the unforgettable wedding photos from this incredible setting will be a big hit with your client’s guests.

The Glasshouses

This breathtaking event space offers not one but two stunning spaces that can be rented individually or paired together for larger wedding celebrations.

What makes The Glasshouses unique is its minimalist design, which allows the city’s beauty to take center stage. The pristine white backdrop of both spaces is the perfect canvas to bring any wedding vision to life. This makes it ideal if you’d rather start with a clean slate and decorate on top of it to add character unique to the couple.

Glasshouse even boasts a balcony with expansive views of sparkling city lights. Just wait until night falls, though. Guests will love drinking in the awe-inspiring skyline views throughout the entire night.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

When you think of a winter wedding, your mind automatically goes to visions of snowy landscapes, muted colors, and cold atmospheres, right? That doesn’t have to be the case.

For a winter wedding venue that seamlessly blends nature with luxurious decor, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a top pick. The Palm House and The Atrium are magnificent indoor venues for cold-weather weddings with a warm, natural quality.

However, The Lillian and Amy Goldman Atrium stands out with its ecologically sustainable event space with a lovely rooftop decorated with native grasses and wildflowers. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls of the space offer a stunning view of the Garden’s Cherry Esplanade and an outdoor terrace that can accommodate up to 125 guests.

Deity in Downtown Brooklyn

The Deity’s interior exudes a romantic ambiance, enhanced by the candle-lit surroundings and exposed brick walls. Moreover, the building is an Art Deco masterpiece that adds an extra grandeur to the occasion.

Among the Deity’s standout features is a cocktail lounge with exquisite custom stained glass artwork that frames an indoor Tree of Life. Accessible through a hidden door, the ethereal loft space offers an ideal setting for ceremonies and intimate dinners. The bride and groom can descend the dramatic arched stairwell to the cellar, where they’ll find a swanky entertaining floor.

With the freedom to customize the décor, it’ll be easy to help couples create a personalized atmosphere that perfectly embodies their love story. The best part, though? The unique event space boasts separate areas for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, allowing for a seamless flow throughout the celebration.

The Event Planner Expo

It’s important to consider and visit various event venue ideas if you’re planning a winter wedding in NYC. However, your job doesn’t stop at finding the right venue. It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends in the event planning industry.

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