10 Ways to Use Video Marketing in Event Promotion: Strategies for Success

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If you put forth a marginal effort to promote your events, you know to expect marginal attendance and engagement results. The better you are at pre-event promotion, the more successful your NYC events will be. So, in your event planning quest to boost visibility for your corporate and social events, how well are you leveraging the power of video marketing? 

Every event planner’s marketing strategy should include a dedicated effort to videos. It’s how today’s attendees and clients consume information. And video conveys event excitement in a way that images or text alone just can’t. So, if you need to create a video marketing strategy from scratch or are looking for ways to enhance your existing strategy, keep reading. Today, we’re sharing video marketing strategy ideas for successful event promotion!

1. Event Teasers and Announcements

Create short teaser videos to generate excitement and anticipation for upcoming events. Highlight key event attractions, speakers, or activities to entice potential attendees. And showcase these teaser videos on your event website, within the event app you create, and, of course, on social media.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to provide a link or CTA for viewers to click after they’ve watched the video. You can then track video teaser results, too.

2. Pre-Event Countdowns and Reminders

Produce countdown videos leading up to the event to remind followers of important dates and deadlines. Use animation, graphics, and music to create excitement and anticipation with your event videos. Much like the event teasers, countdown videos are great for building anticipation and excitement around your event.

Pro Tip: Consider a series of countdown videos for your event, including 30 days, 15 days, 1 week, 3 days, and last-minute opportunities to get tickets/sign up.

3. Event Keynote Speaker Introductions

Create short videos introducing event speakers or top performers. Give viewers a preview of what to expect and build anticipation for high-profile presentations or performances. These videos can live on your event’s website, but offer buzz-building content for slow-dripping throughout your social media channels, too.

Pro Tip: Consider teasing keynote speaker announcements with a video, then driving even more viewers to the actual announcement video series you launch.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Event Planning Footage

Offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into event preparation, setup, and coordination. Show the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a memorable event – and have fun with it! Give viewers a deeper appreciation for the effort involved, along with the sneak peek behind the curtains.

Pro Tip: Introduce your event partners and collaborators in these videos, as well. They can then promote these video campaigns on their sites (think venues, catering partners, etc.), giving your event an even broader reach.

5. Sponsor Spotlight Videos

Produce videos highlighting event sponsors and their contributions. Showcase their offerings, share their brand stories, and express gratitude for their event support. This is part of your ROI for sponsors, but it’s also putting a megaphone to your event promotion message.

Pro Tip: Share these videos with your sponsors directly. They can see your efforts to promote their support. And again, they’re more likely to share these videos with their own networks, extending your event’s visibility.

6. Attendee Testimonials for Event Promotion

Capture testimonials from past event attendees sharing their experiences and insights. Authentic testimonials build credibility and trust among potential attendees. And nothing generates more excitement about an upcoming event quite like the amazing experiences of others. 

Pro Tip: Bank as many of these types of video marketing assets as possible to build a solid video library. You can use them for promoting your event business to help land more event clients, in addition to promoting future events.

7. Venue Showcase Videos

Create videos showcasing your NYC event venues, highlighting their features, amenities, and ambiance. Give viewers a virtual tour of the space to help them envision themselves attending events there. This can serve as a behind-the-scenes video. But it’s also great for showing event attendees the event experience to come.

Pro Tip: These videos are great for promoting your event planning skills, too, since they showcase your ability to transform event spaces brilliantly for curated events.

8. Interactive Video Q&A Sessions

Host live or recorded Q&A sessions with event organizers, speakers, or performers. Use video to engage with your audience, answer questions, and provide valuable insights about the event. Think of these in-event video snippets as opportunities to show those who did not attend what they’re missing. This kind of FOMO can do wonders for next year’s event.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to just use your mobile device to capture in-the-moment event reactions. What they may lack in video quality, they’ll make up for in attendee authenticity and buzz.

9. Event Recap Videos

After the event, produce recap videos showcasing the highlights, key moments, and attendee testimonials. Share these recap videos on social media and your website to celebrate the success of the event. You can get serious mileage out of event recap videos for days. And they’re great ways to encourage attendance at future or upcoming events.

Pro Tip: Delegate someone on your team to capture attendee sentiments throughout the event. Prepare questions ahead of time along the lines of, “how impactful has this event been for you?”

10. Interactive Video Polls and Surveys

Use video to collect feedback and engage with your audience. Create interactive polls or surveys embedded within videos to gather insights, preferences, and suggestions for future events. These are great video assets for any hybrid event experiences you’re creating. And you’ll get feedback here that you won’t always get with a more traditional post-event survey form.

Pro Tip: Set these up in your event app for instantaneous feedback from attendees. But also consider “lives” on social media for even more exposure.

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