4 Tips for Selecting the Right NYC Event Venue

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New York event planners work with a host of various partners in bringing every event to life. But one of the most important vendors on your roster, every time, is the New York venue. It can be easier to fall into the routine of booking the same venues you know well. But don’t forget to branch out, too. There are hundreds of unique and incredible event spaces in NYC. And when you’re vetting new partners, these are the tips and insights to keep in mind, so you know you’re working with the best-fit venue for your specific event.

1. Be Mindful of Location

Before choosing your NYC event venue, be mindful of the location. Think of your event guests and their experiences as they find and travel to your selected venue. Is it easy to find? Are there hospitality options nearby? What about parking? Be sure to address every aspect of the venue’s location, along with how it adds or detracts from your attendees’ experiences.

2. Look for the Best-Fit Amenities and Services

Schedule tours of event facilities before you book them so you can see first-hand what the space has to offer. Look for those NYC event venues that offer the amenities, services, and aesthetics that will elevate your event or conference experience. And in addition to the basic capacity metrics and available seating, envision your event in the space through the lens of your guests. If it doesn’t have the wow factor or falls short on must-have extras, keep looking.

3. Work with a New York Venue Partner You Like

Choose a venue partner with event representatives you work well with and like. Even if the space has everything your event needs, if you don’t have the staff support or if you feel communication efforts fall short, it might not be a good fit. And if there’s one thing you know about event planning, it’s that challenges do arise, and things can go wrong. It’s in those moments you can be brilliantly effective, but only if your vendor teams are solid.

4. Ask All the Right New York Venue Questions

Before you meet with your New York venue representatives, consider creating a checklist and questionnaire. Prepare to ask all the relevant questions about parking, set up, clean up, audiovisual availability, and pricing. In addition to some of the basic questions you’ll want to ask about capacity and pricing, add these questions to your list:

  • Do you provide AV equipment, setup, and support?
  • What are your cancellation policies?
  • Do you have exclusive suppliers?
  • What health and safety requirements do you have?
  • Are there outdoor/indoor options?
  • Will someone be available for support during the event?

There’s no shortage of brilliant event venues all throughout New York City. But to make sure you’re booking the best-fit space for your NYC event, keep these insights in mind. And remember, the place to be this October is The Event Planner Expo 2023 to network and learn all the strategies you need to be a successful New York event planner. 


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