5 Examples of Experiential & Event Marketing for Today’s Event Pros

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New York event planners are masters when it comes to curating corporate events, product launches, and brand activations. And when leading brands and companies need fresh new ideas for marketing, event planners like you can bring the inspiration in the form of experiential marketing. Today, we’ll share some incredible examples of experiential and event marketing.

Why Experiential Marketing Is So Essential to Brands

Every event is technically an opportunity for companies to engage with their customers. But experiential marketing and events are centered around direct engagement using creative and lasting interactions. Experiential marketing is often referred to as live marketing, participation marketing, or engagement marketing. And those companies that use experiential marketing will usually do so by offering samplings, trials, or demos of their products and services. These interactions are essential for creating momentous experiences between customers and brands. 

Here are just a few of the direct benefits of experiential marketing:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Develop stronger customer loyalty
  • Taps into viral-potential engagement 
  • Provides customers with a way to try products/services
  • Expands cross-channel efforts
  • Generates leads (like nobody’s business)

As an event planner in New York, you can be tapping into these benefits as a method for promoting your experiential marketing event services.

1. Festivals and Celebrations

You can cultivate campaigns to celebrate an industry, inviting business clients to jump in and participate in festivals and celebrations. Today’s marketing is all about collaboration. And yes, brands will still be fiercely competitive. But you can promote the overarching benefits of hosting and reaching thousands with experiential events that invite company partners and brands.

2. Corporate Events

Brand activations and product launches are elevated with corporate events designed to promote them in an experiential way. Develop marketing strategies that attract businesses that have new products, new services, or new market niches. And remind them how results-driven an experience-based event can be to launch or promote those new endeavors with a New York event.

3. Award Ceremonies

Another example of a great experiential marketing event is the award ceremony. Companies can host an awards event to recognize personal, professional, or industry successes. And in celebrating something or someone, the brand generates increased awareness and a fun-fueled engagement that can tap into new audiences and build a loyal following.

4. Kiosks and Trade Shows

Kiosks, pop-ups, and trade shows are incredible channels for putting product samples in people’s hands. They’re also game-changing when it comes to making lasting and memorable impressions on a target audience of people. Incorporate crowd-drawing entertainment and hands-on experiences that attract and incentivize interactions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sports company setting up a kiosk to try out new gear.
  • Contests and challenges to giveaway new product prizes.
  • Digital booking or ticketing.

5. Brand-Specific Engagements

Drill down with your creative ideas to tie in brand-specific messages and CTAs. Each experiential engagement should be unique and newsworthy, too. Here are some examples of live marketing events that make huge impressions and tie back to the brand brilliantly.

The Pride Slide: In 2019, Tinder erected a 30-foot rainbow slide in NYC to participate in the LGBTQ+ movement to pass new legislation. 

JetBlue’s Block of Ice: To promote new direct flights from NYC to Palm Springs, JetBlue erected a massive block of ice in NYC with summer accessories frozen inside. New Yorkers could use whatever they had on them to try and chisel the ice away to grab the items. 

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: To promote the latest Ghostbusters movie, teams erected a massive Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the UK to attract passers and promote cool swag and movie tickets.

Get inspired to expand your event planning services with experiential marketing and experiential events! Today’s planners are realizing the growing demand among businesses and brands to find new and innovative ways to interact with and engage customers. Be that solution with experiential events. 

And for more insights on the latest emerging trends in the events industry, get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! 


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