Business Pulse Check: 6 KPIs Event Planners Should Be Evaluating

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New York event planners can always be exploring new ways to improve and grow the success of their events and conferences. But to really keep up with a business pulse check, you need to make sure you’re measuring the right metrics. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for event planners can vary, depending on the nature of the event. However, these KPIs tend to be the most productive in helping you identify what your events do well and what aspects need improvement.

Event In-Person and Virtual Check-Ins

Always be evaluating the number of check-ins and registrations associated with your event. This includes both in-person and virtual connections. You can gauge the effectiveness of your event marketing as well as conversion rates, starting with these check-in metrics.

Net Promoter Scores

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are still important in understanding success with your events. NPS scores are based on the survey question, “How likely are you (guest) to recommend this event to a friend.” And it’s based on a zero to ten rating scale. You can determine the promoters (scores nine to ten,) the passives (scores seven to eight,) and the detractors (scores zero to six.) Take the percentage of the promoters minus the percentage of the detractors to determine the official NPS score.

Message Interactions

Event planners should also be measuring messaging and interactions. These KPIs include email campaigns, event app messaging, and networking efforts. You can gauge responses and opt-ins and compare these engagements with overall event attendance and success to determine which campaigns and messaging efforts were the most effective.

Social Media Shares and Mentions

Track how popular or viral your event promotions are on social media. Comments, tweets, and shares all help spread the word and enthusiasm about the event. It also tells you just how engaging and enticing your social media content really is. You can also determine which social media channels are the strongest for each event type.

Revenue Generated

Leverage the tools needed to help you track and manage revenue. Event earnings should be broken down further than just gross earnings too. Measure gross revenue along with earnings from promotions, sponsorships, and cost-to-revenue ratios. Compare these totals with your original event earnings goals to see how well your efforts materialized. These KPIs are essential for gauging event success.

Leads Generated

If your New York event has a goal of generating more leads, track them. These KPIs could be leads for your event client, your own event planning business, sponsors, or exhibitors. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) will be specific to the client or brand. And leads can also help you to track pipeline activity, which is essential in those corporate events and business-related conferences.

Other Event KPIs to Measure

Every event is uniquely different, as are the metrics for evaluating success. Here’s an additional shortlist of KPIs to add to your must-measure list:

  • Audience Reactions
  • Cost-Per-Customer
  • Accounts Influenced
  • New vs. Returning Attendee Rates
  • Sponsorship Awareness and Leads
  • Earnings by Promo Codes
  • Live Polling Rates
  • Session and Topic Success Rates
  • Event App and Registration Form Rates

When you invest in the right KPI tools to track and manage the components of your events, you’ll always be improving and growing. Keep these pivotal measurables on your must-track list. And learn more about growing your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023!


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