How Today’s Event Planners Are Hosting Even Bigger NYC Events

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If you’ve been around in the events industry long enough, you’ll recognize certain trends in the business today that just weren’t a “thing” ten years ago. One of the characteristics of today’s events, conferences, and celebrations you might notice is the sheer size and scope of the events themselves. Today’s conferences are bigger than ever. Today’s social events are more dazzling than ever before, too. In fact, today’s event planners are curating bigger NYC events. And to do so, you’ll recognize there are certain tools, strategies, and elements needed. Here’s how today’s event pros are planning bigger and more large-scale NY events.

They’re Using All the Best Event Technology

One reason today’s event planners are planning bigger and more engaging events is because of the improved event technology available. Emerging technologies for event management, event registration, and event marketing continue to streamline processes that once took eons and serious manpower to accomplish. Add in the AI, cybersecurity elements, and hybrid event management tools, all of which make event engagement a global initiative, and you have the ingredients for massive events. 

They’re Embracing Hybrid and Virtual Events

Another significant growth trend in events involves the onset and mass adoption of virtual events and hybrid events. What may have received a nudge during the shutdown effects of the pandemic has now become a staple for event planners. Whether you’re hosting a stand-alone virtual event or you’re incorporating a virtual audience into an in-person event, the ability to tap into a global audience is monumental. Significantly increase your event reach and frequency with digital platforms that allow for real-time event engagement from any device, anywhere!

They’re Building Strategic Partnerships with Their Vendors

Another best practice allowing today’s event planners to grow their event sizes, scopes, and impacts is a renewed focus on vendor partnerships. Event pros aren’t just booking caterers these days. Instead, they’re building ongoing relationships with their caterers to create lasting and reliable partnerships. These professional engagements often lead to improved services, discounted pricing, and shared referrals. And when you multiply the impact of that one solidified vendor relationship over the ten or more vendors in the pool, you can begin to build increasingly large events and conferences.

They’re Collaborating with Other Event Planners

There was a time when New York event planners were fiercely competitive with each other. Those times are long gone now. Today’s event professionals, regardless of their niche specialties, recognize the incredible value of teaming up with other planners for bigger, more experiential, and more elaborate events. When you’re able to pool the expertise of a few over the knowledge of one, you can transform any traditional event into a monumental New York City blast for the ages!

They’re Focusing on the Experience

Here’s another shift worth noting that most believe is impacting the events industry in a big way. It’s about the experience now more than ever. Event planners are realizing they can see bigger event returns, more attendees, and massive donations when they focus their efforts on curating the experiences rather than the event logistics. Yes, event logistics and layout are important. But when you focus on introducing the memorable experiences, you’ll find guests are more engaged, your clients are more impressed, and your events will become substantially larger.

Today’s event planners are hosting events and conferences that are bigger and better than ever. And when you embrace some of the latest trends with regard to technology, improved partnerships, and experience-focused planning, you too can start growing your events and business. 

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