5 Reasons to Always Sample the Menu Before Booking the Caterer

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There are obvious and not-so-obvious benefits behind sampling the fare before booking the catering partner. And as a New York event planner, you know the pitfalls you can avoid later by meeting with and tasting the menu first. Here are some of the other reasons to always take a bite before booking

1. It Has to Taste Amazing

Some dishes sound incredible on paper, with unique titles and posh ways of describing sauce. But to really know if what you’re planning to serve tastes amazing requires tasting yourself. One of the more obvious reasons to sample the menu before booking the caterer is to verify the meal tastes as good as it sounds.

2. You’ll Be Able to Gauge Aromas

When you meet with a catering professional to sample appetizers, main courses, and desserts, you’ll also be privy to aromas and smells. Some dishes sound delectable and even taste like heaven. But if the preparation process produces a smell that doesn’t mesh well with other smells, you could spot a bad idea before it invades your event. Aromatics matter, and sampling beforehand will allow you to make sure your event guests will be pleasantly invited to the buffet line.

3. It Will Help You Customize Menu Options

Sampling ahead of time will allow you to make preference changes to the menu, including customizing in a way that will satisfy your guests. Maybe you love the main course but want to discuss other appetizer or dessert options. Sitting down with your caterer now will allow you the opportunity to make those necessary adjustments.

4. It’s Always Best to Meet the Caterer in Person

Building a relationship with your catering partner now will only improve your overall experience. Event planners should always meet with their potential service providers, not just to sample the goods, but to shake a hand and make a professional connection. And if you don’t jive with a particular caterer, it’s best to know before the night of the big event.

5. Sneak Peek at The Caterer Setup

Another reason to meet with your catering partners first is to scope out their setup. Take a reading on their equipment, their transportation, and their teams. You can easily spot if a particular service provider is going to be a good fit for your event. And those details matter, especially when it comes to the dynamics of your event. A social, outdoor birthday party is going to be vastly different from an upscale, corporate gala. Your catering partner should fit in accordingly.

Before you book the catering partner and menu selection for your New York events, keep these insights in mind. Always make time to meet first and sample the fare. 

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