5 Ways to Boost Event Marketing Results on Facebook

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

How is your event planning Facebook profile working for you? Start engaging more people and generating leads with your event planner Facebook profile! Today, we’re sharing the social media marketing insights you need to know to squeeze every ounce of value out of your Meta and Facebook pages. These are quick and easy nuggets of advice you can implement right now, too. Boost your event attendance. Boost your new event client sales funnel. And boost your bottom-line results!

1. Start By Improve Your ‘About’ Section

When Facebook visitors explore your event planning profile, they’ll first look at your “About” section. This is your first impression, and it needs to resonate within the first three seconds. Fill in all the fields with engaging and brilliantly crafted content that outlines important information about your company and how to contact you.

2. Change Your Profile Picture Often

Changing your Facebook profile picture often is a great way to keep your audience engaged. And great photos always inspire additional “likes,” too. Be sure to include captivating captions for every profile photo and make sure they’re representative of your brand.

3. Commit to a Consistent Facebook Posting Schedule

The biggest “tanker” of Facebook results for business profiles is an inconsistent or non-existent posting schedule. Get serious about identifying a posting schedule, create a content calendar of reels, videos, lives, and images, and stick to posting using automatic posting tools. 

4. Boost Important Posts

Choose your most recent, high-performing Facebook post and then pay to Boost it. Facebook boosting isn’t something you need to do often, but you can give your event profile page a surge in visibility when you Boost great content. It can help attract new followers, improve engagement, and promote your event planning brand.

5. Categorize Your Event Content

Don’t just use your event planner Facebook profile to promote your event services in a salesy manner. Categorize your content to include community news, behind-the-scenes in your company, upcoming events you’re planning, and thought leadership topics. Infuse your content strategy with broader topics that will help attract a broader audience of engagers. 

Start seeing bottom-line improvements with your event planning Facebook page with these insights. And learn more about leveraging social media for your business by securing your seat to hear the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk at The Event Planner Expo 2023! This is the events industry’s premier conference in New York City, attracting thousands of top influencers and professionals who can be valuable resources for networking and business growth!


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