9 Benefits of Launching a Newsletter for Your Event Business

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Because you’re already insanely busy, managing a hectic schedule as a New York event planner, the last thing you want to do is take on another “process.” And you certainly don’t have time for marketing efforts that don’t produce results. But if you’re not dedicating a strategy to sending newsletters for your event planning business, you’re missing out on leads, referrals, and BIG results. 

Digital newsletters are incredibly valuable tools to have in your marketing and business growth arsenal. But, like with every marketing strategy, there are right and wrong ways to develop and execute a newsletter schedule. Today, we’ll explore the many benefits of using newsletters for your event business. And we’ll provide insights so you can leverage this incredible marketing tool right now! Newsletters can absolutely be the game-changing element for your event services brand!

What Is an Event Newsletter?

The cool aspect about newsletters is the customization. An event planner’s newsletter can essentially be anything you want it to be. But in general, your newsletter is your channel with which you’ll communicate and share information to subscribers. Today’s newsletters are almost exclusively sent via email. And they can be stand-alone marketing tools or work in conjunction with other marketing campaigns you have in place.

When you’re considering a newsletter for your business, you’ll have the flexibility to create engaging content in a variety of ways and for a host of purposes:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly engagement
  • Company info, community news, your latest events in production
  • As a branding tool for top-of-mind awareness 
  • As a marketing and sales tool, inspiring new leads and clients

Benefits of Launching a Regular Event Business Newsletter

So, why should you consider launching a newsletter for your NYC event services business? There are TONS of benefits and advantages for those professionals who reach out and connect regularly using the newsletter format. These are just the most significant few perks to expect when starting yours.

1. It’s a direct line of communication with your target audience.

Unlike digital ads and social media marketing, a newsletter can deliver precise communication directly to your target audience, hitting them right in their inboxes. Your recipients will expect to hear from you and look forward to receiving your content every week or month.

2. Build value and trustworthiness around your brand.

Your potential event clients want to know that you’re an established professional with NYC event experience before booking with you. Establishing a regular newsletter schedule can remind recipients that you’re “still here” and doing big things in the events industry, building trust and value around your brand.

3. It’s a great method for building an email list.

When you launch a newsletter, you can essentially begin building an email list of prospects for continuous engagement. Instead of buying lists or trying to drum up emails, use your newsletter to create an email marketing campaign list. And the longer you pursue a dedicated newsletter strategy, the larger your email contact list will be. 

4. Support and boost the effectiveness of your other marketing channels.

Use your event services newsletter to drive additional traffic to your event planning website or social media pages. A newsletter can support your other marketing channels and campaigns as an added touchpoint for new events, discounts you’re offering, or seasonal advertising efforts.

5. It’s a megaphone for big announcements and new services.

A newsletter is an ideal channel and megaphone for big announcements you might want to make about your business, upcoming events, or new services. As you grow your business, use the newsletter as the platform for sharing the details of your success and promotional insights.

6. Newsletters are low-risk, high-reward marketing tools.

Event planners specifically love newsletters because they’re low-risk, high-reward marketing tools. Even if your recipients don’t read every issue, they see your name, your brand, and recognize your outreach. That engagement alone solidifies your brand awareness. 

7. They boost your content marketing strategy.

Event planners can use their newsletters to share blogs and content, boosting visibility with every layer of their content marketing strategies. Get more mileage out of blogs and social media content by sharing within your newsletters.

8. Newsletters are always worth promoting.

During seasonal event planning lulls or in between events, you can always promote your newsletter. Post on social media or use email campaigns to drive new newsletter subscribers. In a way, the newsletter means you always have something valuable to promote, even when you have nothing else to promote right now.

9. They’re catalysts for drumming up client referrals.

Newsletters are just as effective with existing clients as they are with new prospects. Your event newsletter can also be a regular channel for collecting testimonials and asking for event client referrals. Make your newsletter the game-changing pillar for your referral programs.

Quick Insights to Remember in Starting Your Newsletter

Now that you’re convinced of all the benefits a newsletter can bring to your event planning business, you’re ready to start building your strategy. Keep these best practices and insights in mind to ensure your newsletter is effective and successful.

  • Commit to and maintain a consistent newsletter schedule.
  • Optimize your digital newsletter for mobile devices.
  • Use clear and consistent messaging so your recipients know what they’re receiving.
  • Build excitement around your newsletter with “special access” opportunities for new subscribers.
  • Be mindful of email marketing laws and regulations with “unsubscribe” options.
  • Provide valuable tips, engaging news, or insightful content with every issue.
  • Include specific calls to action statements.
  • Use brilliant graphics and event pictures whenever possible.
  • Personalize the email when sending your event newsletter.
  • Include your contact information and links to additional information. 
  • Make your digital newsletter shareable via social media and forwarding.

Event Newsletter Mistakes to Avoid

It’s important to keep with those best practices when launching your first event services newsletter. But it’s also imperative that you avoid some common mistakes with your newsletters. Here are some “don’ts” to know as you carve out your newsletter strategy.

  • Don’t start a newsletter schedule you can’t commit to regularly. 
  • Don’t forget to include compelling and attractive subject lines.
  • Don’t share generic, overly sales, repetitive, or boring content.
  • Don’t overdo the links.
  • Don’t include oversized graphics and images that take forever to load.
  • Don’t forget to follow the analytics for open rates, click-through rates, etc.
  • Don’t forget to include your event planning brand image.

Email Marketing and Newsletter Platforms to Consider

As you develop your content strategy and calendar for a newsletter, explore all the available email platforms available to streamline your processes. These are just a few of the email newsletter tools, each with added functionality for great graphics, tracking metrics, and sequencing your campaigns.

  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor
  • GetResponse
  • MailerLite
  • Constant Contact
  • Brevo
  • AWeber
  • Moosend
  • Flodesk
  • Substack
  • SendInBlue
  • Mailjet
  • Sender.net

Frequently Asked Questions About Launching a Business & Event Newsletter

How do you announce your new newsletter?

Promote your new event newsletter on social media, with your existing clients, and among your networking circles, asking for subscribers. Don’t forget to include a subscribe button on your website.

What do you say as a newsletter statement opener?

Start with a customized opening line, addressing the recipient by name. Use a high-energy greeting and outline a statement announcement or customer pain point first. 

What’s the best way to promote your new event newsletter?

Make your new newsletter a big deal with lots of announcements that describe the intense value recipients can expect. Incentive subscriber signups, too.

How do you come up with event newsletter topics every week/month?

Make your newsletter an extension of your existing content strategy, promoting categories of topics, news, and announcements. Work ahead in your schedule, dropping in event planning tips, blogs, and community news.

What’s the most effective frequency to send an event newsletter?

Commit to a sending schedule that works for you. On average, the most effective newsletters don’t exceed twice per week. Statistics suggest 61% of recipients want to see one newsletter per week from brands they prefer to follow.

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If you’re an event planner or an entrepreneur offering event-related services, make sure you’re leveraging every last benefit of the company newsletter. Keep these advantages, best practices, mistakes to avoid, and tools in mind as you go. Remember, it’s entirely okay to start small and build your newsletter presence and following over time, too. The only real mistake is not using one at all for your New York event-planning business!

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