7 Essential Marketing Channels for Promoting New York City Events

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You could spend months planning the perfect event. It’s all for nothing if no one attends. However, people won’t attend if they don’t know the event is happening. Successful New York event planners create a promotion plan as an integral part of their planning. By utilizing multiple marketing channels, they can reach a broader target attendee audience. Consider using these seven essential event promotion channels for your NYC events. 

1. Social Media 

With social media platforms being the go-to source of information for people these days, including it in your event promotion is a must. Promoting events on your social media accounts gets the word out to your following. They can share your posts, increasing your reach. Create a custom hashtag for your event that can help brand the event and let you see others’ posts. Choose venues and create spaces that people will want to take pictures and videos of to share on their social media pages. 

2. Email Marketing 

Cultivating and maintaining an email list is a great method for promoting NYC events. Email lets you directly connect with potential attendees by sending communications to their inboxes. NYC event planners who create email campaigns can build anticipation and excitement for events in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the event. They can also use emails to brand their NYC event planning business, increasing brand recognition and trust. Post-event emails are a good way to obtain attendee feedback for improving future NYC events. 

3. Content Marketing 

Generally, content marketing for your event business is a long-term strategy that wouldn’t be ideal for short-term promotion for a one-time event. However, if you are a NYC event planner with annual events, then content marketing can be a useful strategy for event promotion. To implement content marketing, focus on creating high-quality content for your event planner’s website and social media platforms. Focus on targeting precise keywords that are relevant to your NYC events. This could include blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, images, and videos. 

4. Public Relations  

A classic event marketing technique is to use public relations. Write a press release as a part of your event promotion plan. The press release should give all of the relevant details about the event you are planning. Once completed, share the press release with relevant news agencies or industry publications. If your event has changes, guest speakers, or other notable qualities, it could be worthwhile to write multiple press releases. Consider continuing your event promotion efforts post-event. This could include a press release about money raised, attendance numbers, or some other notable accomplishment. 

5. Paid Advertising 

For large events that need promotion to the general public, paid digital advertising is a good event promotion strategy. Create an ad campaign that fits within your budget and targets individuals in a geographic area who are most likely to be an attendee. You can manage your paid advertising campaigns to adjust their target and budget as you see the performance analytics start to come in. 

6. Event Sponsors 

Securing sponsors for an event is a simple way of reducing the overall cost of production for NYC events. Maintaining event sponsors can also aid in NYC event promotion. Using similar or the same marketing campaigns can brand the event, increase reach, and promote recognition with your target attendees. To maximize the benefit of this strategy, choose sponsors that make sense for the type of event you are planning. Then, create an agreement where you and the sponsor company must participate in the event promotion effort. 

7. Event Influencers 

There are influencers for virtually every industry and interest these days. The key to making your event marketing a success is choosing the right influencers to give you the increased reach and credibility you need. Before you start planning your event, research social media platforms for accounts that have an influential voice. Reach out to these individuals and determine which influencers have a following with strong engagement. Work with these influencers to create an agreement where they provide event marketing support, and you provide them with a benefit. 

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