7 Green Event Planning Tips for New York Sustainability

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Today’s event planners are actively leveraging more sustainable event planning methods into their processes. From coordinating green initiatives with NYC venues to implementing eco-friendly swag in conjunction with corporate event clients, you can reimagine all your events through a more earth-friendly lens. Today, we’re sharing popular trends to consider so you can promote sustainability with all your social and corporate events in New York City.

1. Choose Eco-Friendly NYC Venues

Select event venues in New York that prioritize sustainability. This might include LEED-certified buildings, eco-friendly hotels, or venues with renewable energy sources and efficient waste management systems. Consider outdoor venues or green spaces that minimize the environmental impact of your event.

2. Reduce Event Waste

Practice waste reduction strategies such as using reusable or compostable serving-ware, utensils, and decorations instead of single-use plastics. Provide clearly labeled recycling bins throughout your venue, too. This encourages event attendees to dispose of waste responsibly. You can additionally minimize paper usage by utilizing digital invitations, programs, and signage.

3. Opt for Sustainable Catering

Choose catering options that prioritize locally sourced, certified organic, and seasonally fresh ingredients to reduce carbon emissions used in food transportation. Work with event caterers who minimize food waste by offering smaller portion sizes, donating excess food to local charities, or composting food scraps.

4. Promote Sustainable Guest Transportation

Encourage your event attendees to use sustainable transportation options such as public transit or luxury carpooling to reduce emissions and alleviate traffic congestion. Provide incentives for eco-friendly transportation, such as discounted or free admission for attendees who use alternative modes of transit.

5. Offset Your Event Planning Carbon Footprint

Calculate the carbon footprint of your NYC event and invest in carbon offsetting initiatives to mitigate environmental impact. Support local reforestation projects, renewable energy initiatives, or carbon offset programs to help balance the emissions generated by your event.

6. Embrace Digital Technology for Everything

Utilize digital technology and virtual event platforms to reduce the need for physical materials, transportation, and energy consumption associated with in-person events. Offer virtual attendance options or live streaming capabilities to extend the reach of your event while minimizing resource usage.

7. Educate and Inspire About Your Green Initiatives

Use your NYC event as an opportunity to educate guests about sustainability and inspire them to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Incorporate interactive exhibits, workshops, or guest speakers focused on environmental conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, and sustainable living.

By incorporating these green event planning tips into your event strategy, you can minimize environmental impact, promote event sustainability, and set a positive example for others in New York and beyond. Keep these insights in mind as you curate all your NYC events. And remember to get your tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2024 this October – it’s the premier events industry conference where you can glean all the latest strategies and event planning trends to significantly elevate your business!


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