10 Creative Themes for New York Corporate Events

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Party-goers love a good-themed New York City corporate event. From sophisticated and extravagant to quirky and creative, event planners have endless options to explore when choosing a theme for a corporate event. Event themes bring cohesion to the planning process and drive decor, venue, and catering choices. They can enhance guest engagement and make for a more memorable party experience. Even though there are so many themes to choose from, depending on your corporate event objective, narrowing it down and finding one that hasn’t been overdone can be the tricky part. We explore some creative themes that can be dressed up or dressed down and held at an off-site venue or right in the office. Leave a lasting impression at your corporate gatherings with these fun ideas!

1. Host a Vibrant Neon Party

Hosting a Neon Party brings energy and vibrancy to any corporate event. This theme creates a dynamic and colorful atmosphere that inspires your guests to let loose and have fun. Black lights and neon signage are a must to bring this theme to life. Additionally, consider neon balloons, glow sticks, and glowing centerpieces. Hire a DJ to play electronic dance music, 80s throwbacks, and pop remixes. Encourage guests to wear their brightest neon colors so they glow up under the black lights and dance the night away!

2. Eras Celebrations and Decade Parties

We’re not talking about Taylor Swift for this Eras Celebration, but rather an all-decades party where guests can choose their favorite decade to celebrate. Guests can travel through time as they navigate decor that highlights different decades throughout history. Why limit your guests to just a 70s disco party when you can add the neon vibes of the 80s or the grunge fashion of the 90s, and so on? Hire a DJ or band to play some classic hits from numerous decades and encourage guests to dress for their favorite era.

3. Funny Awards Show-Style Corporate Event

This theme is a great way to get everyone relaxed and have a good time with each other. Host a Funny Awards Show and have your guests vote for silly awards for their co-workers, including “Most Likely to Run Five Minutes Late,” “Best Office Decor,” “Coffee Pot’s Best Friend,” or “The Early Bird.”  Most award shows in Hollywood have an elegant theme, so consider this when hosting your own corporate awards event. Encourage your attendees to dress to impress for a red carpet kind of night. Serve fancy cocktails and a delicious sit-down dinner so everyone will feel classy and pampered.

4. A Corporate Event for All Four Seasons

Every event planner knows planning seasonal events is very popular. While hosting season-specific events is always a guest favorite, why not do all the seasons at one party? This versatile theme allows you to transform the venue space to capture the essence of each season. Your guests can experience the beauty of the year-round cycle and bring diversity to your event space. Decorate different areas to reflect the differing seasons. Flowers, pastels, and airy fabrics for spring. Summer will have beach vibes, palm trees, and vibrant colors. Rustic decor, earth tones, and foliage for autumn. Winter will have silver and blue colors, snowflakes, and twinkling lights. It will be a magical and immersive journey your guests will love!

5. Game Day Corporate Event Fun

Sporting events are happening year-round and New Yorkers love cheering on their favorite teams. Consider hosting a Game Day-themed party for your next corporate event. It can be specific to one sport if it’s around a big event like the Super Bowl or March Madness. Alternatively, it can involve all sports, and your attendees can have free range on which sport they want to celebrate. It’s the perfect opportunity to munch on all those game-day snacks and offer a variety of beverage options. And don’t forget the big screen if you’re watching a game!

6. Wild West Saloon and Fun

Round up those cowboys and cowgirls for some fun in the Wild West. This kind of party basically plans itself with the amount of cohesiveness it brings to any event. Transform your venue into a saloon-style honky-tonk and get the country music on for some line dancing. Serve up some hearty BBQ and have some saloon games like horseshoe tossing and lassoing contests. Your corporate event guests will feel like they’ve been transported out of NYC.

7. Fiestas and South of the Border Parties

A fiesta-themed event is all about embracing the lively music and delicious flavors of Mexican culture. It’s a colorful and vibrant celebration your guests will love. Dress up your venue with bold colors and hire musical entertainment like a mariachi band to really push the theme forward. Consider a DIY taco bar and serve some delicious margaritas for a memorable and delectable get-together!

8. A Night Under the Stars

Transport your event guests to another galaxy by hosting a Night Under the Stars. Create an enchanting and magical evening that would be perfect for an outdoor venue. Incorporate celestial-inspired decor like moon and stars, twinkling lights, and dark blues and blacks. Bring in some astrological event entertainment, like tarot card talent or palm readers. Finish the night with a bang and some fireworks and sparklers.

9. African Safari Corporate Event Adventure

Bring a bit of adventure to your NYC corporate event by hosting an African Safari. Your guests can dress in their favorite animal print ensembles while feasting on some delicious culturally-presented cuisine. Consider hiring an animal handler for a hands-on wildlife experience or having safari-inspired activities like trivia or a treasure hunt. Use reds, oranges, and yellows to mimic an African sunset for your decor. There’s no doubt it will be a roaring success!

10. Comedy Night Full of Laughs

Hosting a Comedy Night is all about the event entertainment. It’s best to hire a professional comedian who specializes in corporate events and can keep the content light. Bring some laughter to the occasion, and your guests will have a great night. Consider hosting a happy hour before the event so everyone can mingle before they have to be a captive audience. Choose a venue that has a stage and comfortable seating. Make sure your attendees can socialize once the event is over. They’ll want to discuss their favorite jokes of the night!

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