9 Top Event Planning Newsletters Pros Should Subscribe to Right Now

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As an entrepreneur and New York event planner, you need to immerse yourself in all the best resources and learning opportunities possible. Even when you’re not planning NYC events and celebrations, you can be venturing out to attend networking events, meet new partners, and discover inspiration for new event trends. But don’t overlook the learning potential right in your inbox. Signing up for weekly or monthly newsletters can be a great way to learn about new ideas, find motivational insights, discover new event tech, and keep an eye on the competitive landscape. Here are just a few of the top event planning-related newsletters out there that are worth subscribing to this year.

1. The Event Planner Expo / EMRG Media Newsletter

Sign up for the EMRG Media / Event Planner Expo Newsletter! Learn about hot topics for growing your event planning business, including marketing strategies, event curation tips, and new tech. But also get insights about entertainment and fun in and around New York City! Subscribe today and stay on top of every impactful detail!

2. Skift Newsletter

Sign up for the Skift Meetings Newsletter for breaking industry news and thought-leadership analysis about business travel and events. With more of a global view, you can enjoy a big-picture snapshot of industry trends. 

3. The Events Industry Council

As one of the leading newsletters for news, subscribe to the EIC’s publication for event planning best practice, industry standards, and educational opportunities. The EIC also promotes the various Certified Meeting Professional credentials and programs.

4. MeetingNews

If you’re looking for a daily newsletter, consider subscribing to MeetingNews from the Northstar Meetings Group. Get news, tech, and research right in your inbox.

5. Event Industry News

Get this online magazine from renowned editor Adam Parry. Fresh updates and industry news will ensure you’re informed on the very latest in the events ecosystem. 

6. Successful Meetings

Subscribe to this “how-to” and “tip-of-the-day” newsletter from Successful Meetings. Go to your next meeting or event with fresh ideas and learn ways to improve your profession.

7. Techsytalk Newsletter

Bridge the gap between event planning and technology by subscribing to the Techsytalk Newsletter. It features all the latest hot topics about event tech along with educational opportunities for planners and articles. 

8. M&C Wellness Tips

If you’re making a concerted effort to mind your health and wellness this year, consider signing up for the M&C Wellness Newsletter. Here, you’ll find tips and reminders for busy event planners with inspiration for you (and your event guests) to stay healthy.

9. PCMA News Junkie

Stay informed about the meetings and events industry when you sign up for the PCMA News Junkie Newsletter. Chock-full of impactful knowledge, you can excel in your profession. Learn about news, stories from the events industry, and advice from the pros. 

Stay Connected to Keep Growing

When it comes to keeping your event planning finger on the pulse of an ever-growing industry, don’t overlook the learning power of some of these top newsletters. Get the news and inspiration you need served up in your inbox, and keep growing! Don’t forget to also reserve your booth this year for The Event Planner Expo 2024 in October! It’s the one revenue-boosting and business-growing experience you don’t want to miss!


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