Crafting an Email Marketing Campaign That Generates Results

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As an event planner, one of your most pivotal communication channels with potential event clients is email. But you know you have to be creative with your email marketing to make an impact. Otherwise, your well-intentioned messages go unopened, unread, or worse, in the deleted folder. Start gaining more traction and results with your email marketing sequences and messaging by elevating and enhancing how you craft your emails. Today, we’re breaking down the email communication elements and sharing suggestions that will help you generate better open rates, better read rates, and more leads.

Distinguish the Various Types of Email Content Your Sending

Not all email marketing strategies are alike. And you’ll want to distinguish between the various types of content you’re communicating. Each type will come with its own goals, metrics, and audience value. Know what you’re emailing and customize your approach accordingly.

  • Newsletters
  • Promotions or Ads
  • Reminders
  • Event Announcements
  • Automated Emails
  • Thank You Sentiments
  • Cold Sales Emails

Email Designs

Your email presents an opportunity to emotionally connect with your recipients. And nothing sparks interest better than brilliant designs. Get creative with your email graphics, building excitement and exuding your brand personality. Be mindful not to overdo it, though. An email with too many emojis or that looks “too busy” will backfire and confuse the reader. Instead, introduce email marketing designs that complement your message and help it to stand out from other emails in the inbox.

Email Templates

Another key to successful email marketing is consistency. And if you’re recreating the wheel every time you craft a message, you risk changing too much and losing that element of consistency. You’ll also waste a ton of time by individually creating every email sequence. To preserve consistency and save time, build great templates you can source frequently. You can then personalize those templates quickly without compromising their effectiveness. 

Email template benefits include:

  • Improved readability
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Quick recognition of what the email is from a glance
  • Momentum building

Email Marketing Subject Lines

Let’s talk subject lines. You can have a brilliant email design and an impactful message. But if your subject line is off, your recipient will file it straight away in the junk folder. Subject lines should pique interest without over-selling. They should feel personalized without being too casual. And they have to inspire open rates without feeling like clickbait. 

Consider these subject line best practices when crafting yours:

  • Keep them short
  • Avoid “spam” words
  • Open-ended questions are good
  • Deadlines to take action are good
  • Use verbs or commands

Email Content 

When crafting your email content, again recognizing what type of email you’re sending and your goals, you’ll want to focus on providing value. Provide ways for the recipient to take away information or insights they didn’t have before. And you’ll want to share ways for the recipient to connect with your event planning company, using strong CTAs. 

Explore the many variations of email content formats to craft the perfect email campaign that generates results:

  • Automated email content: automatic responses to actions
  • Interactive emails: engaging and prompting action 
  • Dynamic email content: content based on recipient data specifically
  • Informational emails: providing value in the form of information
  • Promotional email content: for actively selling or introducing products/services
  • Transactional emails: communicating after a purchase or engagement


Check out these email marketing FAQs for quick-reference answers.

What are the four elements of a marketing email?

When crafting your event planning email sequences, divide and conquer your strategies into these four elements:

  1. Subject Lines
  2. Persuasive Content
  3. Brilliant Email Designs
  4. Calls to Action

What mistakes should you avoid with email marketing?

Avoid making these email marketing mistakes with your event business campaigns:

  • Irrelevant subject lines
  • Too spammy
  • Not customizing content
  • Not optimizing for mobile
  • Inconsistent messages
  • Inconsistent email frequency

How do you measure email marketing results?

Always implement A/B testing strategies to find the perfect formula for your most effective email campaigns. And these are the metrics you should be tracking to compare with your email goals:

  • Open Rates
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Unsubscribe Rates
  • Spam Rates

Consider these insights for crafting the best and most effective email marketing campaigns for your event business. And make sure you always attend the annual Event Planner Expo to learn even more strategies about marketing, growing your event business, and generating more event leads! Check back often to learn more about the upcoming Expo and to find the emerging trends and most impactful marketing strategies for event business success.


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