Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Trying to keep up with the latest email marketing best practices can kind of feel like you’re trying to wrangle cats. There’s so much “advice” out there, only crowding the space and making it hard to discern which tactics are the most effective. Event planners can rely on email marketing campaigns to solicit new clients, communicate with vendor networks, and engage event attendees. And instead of overwhelming you with tips and tricks, today, we’re sharing which mistakes you should seek to avoid with your email marketing. Stop doing these things, and you’ll see increased results with every sequence of emails you send!

Neglecting Your Mobile Users

No matter what message you’re sending or what email marketing channel you’re using, if you’re not verifying that the email is mobile-friendly, you’ll lose readership and engagement. Not including time spent on actual phone calls, Statista says mobile device usage per person is now four hours and 23 minutes per day. If your event planning emails aren’t displaying properly on mobile, your readers won’t waste time trying to toggle for a better view. Instead, they’ll likely close it out and delete it.

Relying on Generic Templates

Templates for your emails are important, especially when you’re driving consistent messaging in sequences. But it would be a mistake to cut and paste your template messages directly without any customization to the core message. If you’re sending generic templates, your readers will sense it. Personalize your event emails wherever possible to connect more authentically with your audience.


Another mistake to avoid with your email campaigns is overselling. If your email feels too salesy, it will be a turnoff to your audience immediately. No one wants to be sold. Instead, craft messages that offer value, solve a problem, or provide opportunities. Educate and entertain more often so that when you do have to ask for their business, they won’t feel bombarded or oversold. 

Forgetting About Sender Reputation

Spam rates will tank your email initiatives in a hurry. Be mindful of your sender reputation, using the analytics to help you gauge open rates, bounce rates, and spam designations. Based on your email volume and frequency, along with other factors like spam-interpreted attachments, links, and graphics, stay on top of your sender scores and reputation.

Terrible Subject Lines

If your email campaigns aren’t getting the open rates, you’d hoped, check your subject lines. The best results come from those subject lines that are short, under 60 characters. They have to be engaging but not salesy. Don’t get too crazy with your exclamation points and emojis, either. And you can A/B test various subject line statements to see which are the most effective for your event planning business based on results.

Omitting Calls to Action

While overselling is a common mistake, that’s not to say you shouldn’t have a strong CTA. By the time your email marketing recipient reaches the end of your email message, they should know precisely what it is you’d like them to do next. Provide your opt-ins for newsletter subscriptions, event tickets, joining waitlists, or just your website for more information. Whatever you do, don’t just sign off without providing any direction for the reader.

Not Segmenting Customer Lists

New York event planners will have several different target audiences to market to, including corporate event contacts, vendor representatives, and community prospects. Trying to hit them all with one email sequence of messaging won’t be effective. Be selective about segmenting your customer lists into groups. You can develop catered messages to each group, with unique CTAs and sequencing, to move these prospects through your funnels.

As you create your email marketing strategies, don’t get lost in the sea of endless tips out there. Instead, start by eliminating these common email marketing mistakes and start seeing real results!

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