How Event Planners Can Boost Their Creative Processes

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Just as authors can experience writer’s block, New York event planners can find themselves in creative ruts. If you’re feeling stuck or are looking for creative inspiration, keep reading. Today, we’ll share some effective methods for boosting your creative process and tapping into those brilliant event-planning ideas again.

Two Heads Are Better

Don’t lock yourself in a tower with your own creative processes. Instead, get with your teams, your friends, and even your family members to share your ideas. Ask for their feedback and open the dialogue. Two or more heads are going to be better than one. And genius event ideas can come from literally anywhere.

New People, Places, and Things

Sometimes, you need to adjust your creative routine. What used to work for you in planning and designing events might not be so effective anymore. And a change of scenery is in order to reset your creativity. Step outside the norm and look to engage new people, go to new places, or enjoy new things. Those new-to-you experiences can be just the reset button you need to boost your creative process.

Networking for Inspiration

Whatever creative struggles you’re having, know you’re not alone. And one of the most advantageous ways to get back on track is by networking with other professionals. Connecting with colleagues and event industry contacts can provide you with insights others have used to essentially “unstick” their creativity. Work together and build those strategic relationships. They can become your greatest sources of inspiration. And you’ll be building your business with improved relationships, too.

Take Much-Needed Breaks

Maybe what you really need is to relieve some creative pressure and take a break. If your creative gas tank is on empty, step back and look for hobbies or relaxation techniques to help you refuel. Steer clear of your screens for a day or two. Go for a long walk. Hit the gym. Whatever you do to disconnect, do it. Breaks are just as important to your creative health as they are to your overall health, too.

Boost your event planning creative processes by leveraging some of these insights. And if you really want to immerse yourself in a business-growing creative experience, get on the waitlist and attend The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s the one place where all of the events industry’s brightest minds collaborate and the best conference to learn all the necessary creative process techniques you need to stay on top of your game.


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