Grow Your Event Planning Business with These 6 Genius Strategies

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Marketing and advertising strategies can lose effectiveness over time. And as an event planner, you’re going to need to keep up with your marketing results to spot when changes are necessary. Whether you specialize in corporate events and conferences or social events and celebrations, staying aligned with your target audience is important. Additionally important is the need to come up with brilliant ideas and genius marketing strategies to attract more event clients. Get inspired by these techniques and insights, designed to grow your event planning business to the next level and new heights in 2024!

1. Get Local with Your Outreach

Yes, all those digital marketing campaigns and social media outreach are essential to your event planning business. But you can really differentiate yourself from the pack when you spend time strategizing for local marketing efforts. This means advertising, marketing, and branding to a local geographic area. And these methods can involve a host of outreach efforts beyond the digital. 

  • Host local events or virtual webinars for local audiences.
  • Sponsor community events or charitable causes.
  • Use flyers, posters, and print advertising locally.
  • Join forces with neighboring businesses to reach new audiences.

2. Get Personalized with Your Digital Engagement

Whether you’re leaning into heavy social media campaigns or generating client leads with email marketing, the key to improving your digital results is customization. Personalized messaging and content are more effective than cookie-cutter messaging. And in order to customize your digital engagements, you’re going to need to:

  • Segment your audiences by preferences, job titles, and demographics.
  • Engage PPC, social media ads, and Google ads with precise target audiences and calls to action.
  • Develop and use personas to guide your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Collect the data and analyze results to spot needed changes.

3. Go Guerrilla for Genius Marketing

You’re an event planner with creative ideas. Tap into that creativity with your business growth and marketing. Go guerrilla with your efforts, creating experiential marketing, eye-catching, and even eyebrow-raising campaigns. Grab the attention of your target audience with innovative, fun, and space-disrupting ideas, just as you would in planning a monumental event. And much like you would prioritize the following components for a New York event, you can do the same with genius marketing strategies.

  • Designs
  • Emotional Connection
  • Missions and Goals
  • Delightful Details

4. Collaborate with Other Event Professionals

You may be in competition with other local event planners, but in today’s market, everyone’s finding more success in collaborating with each other. Consider finding event professionals who offer complementing services. Connect and strategize together to grow the in-person and virtual event needs locally. Brainstorm collaboratively and solve similar challenges together in a way that provides mutually beneficial outcomes.

5. Prioritize Valuable Content

Even with all the best ideas, the target audience, and the genius marketing channels, if your content and messaging are tone-deaf, you won’t move the needle. Grow your business by focusing on the kind of value proposition you’re offering with your content. Emerge as an expert in your event planning niche by offering thought leadership content, providing tips your ideal clients can use, and promoting your services as a unique solution to key problems. Every piece of content counts, too, including:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Sequences
  • Newsletters
  • Website and Landing Page Funnels

6. Discover Genius Marketing Strategies at The Expo

To really grow and scale your event planning business, you need to surround yourself with industry experts, top leaders, and event influencers. The best place to meet all of the above is at The Event Planner Expo! It’s the premier conference for the events industry, and now’s the time to prepare for 2024’s Expo. Secure your exhibitor space today and explore your ticket options – especially if you’re looking for the strategic partnerships and leader-level learning to grow your business to new heights!


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