Use These 6 Methods for Attracting More Corporate Event Clients

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As an event planner in New York, one of your ideal clients is the business owner or corporate executive looking to plan a corporate event. These target decision makers are unique and vastly different from the family client looking to plan a bar/bat mitzvah or newly engaged couple ready to plan their wedding. So, when you’re marketing and advertising your event services to corporate clients, these are the methods and tactics to consider. When you tap into these marketing strategies, you can begin to attract more corporate event clients and win more of those big-ticket event planning contracts.

1. Solve Corporate-Level Event Problems

If you really want to attract corporate event clients, you have to learn how to solve corporate event-related problems. Know their pain points, like limited time and expertise to coordinate a conference, product launch, or office party. They’ll also be looking for a solution involving a professional who can bring big corporate event ideas, better event technology, or better fundraising reach. Ask your past corporate event clients for feedback about what they looked for most from your partnership together. Then, tailor your marketing efforts accordingly, addressing those pains and positioning yourself as the no-brainer solution.

2. Speak the Corporate Language

Corporate executives, Human Resources, or Marketing Managers are going to look for an event planner who speaks their language. And by language, we mean professional, action-oriented, tech-savvy, problem-solving, get things done kind of language. They won’t be swayed by a presentation full of glitter, lofty designs, and too many options. They’ll work with the event planner, who comes in with big ideas, an ironclad plan, and contingencies for every scenario. And when you learn to speak that “takin’ care of business” language, you’ll find more corporate events flowing your way.

3. Provide Corporate-Specific Value

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives will always choose partners and solutions that present the greatest value proposition. As an event planner trying to win their next event or conference, you’re going to want to lead with your most valuable assets as an event professional. Are you saving them time and money? Can you sell them on added branding or lead-generation value? Do you know how they’ll define success for the event? Whatever your corporate event prospects value most, ticket sales, brand visibility, fundraising donations, etc., make that the cornerstone of your marketing and presentation efforts.

4. Get in the Room with Corporate Event Decision Makers

Your ideal corporate event clients aren’t going to call you because of a few occasional posts on Instagram. They’ll call you or agree to meet with you once you’ve made a lasting impression. And the best way to engage these high-profile prospects is in person. Find ways to get in the room with your corporate event contacts. Learn what networking events they attend. Treat them to lunch, either offsite or catering lunch for them onsite. (Hint: The Event Planner Expo is the BEST place to be if you’re looking for interactions and networking opportunities!)

5. Ask Corporate Clients for Corporate Referrals

If you’re struggling to attract corporate event clients, talk with your past corporate event clients. Turn to those who are wildly impressed and thrilled with your event services. Ask them for referrals to others in their networks and use incentives or rewards programs to entice them. You can also ask for testimonials from them to use within your marketing efforts. Your top prospects will see others like them using your services and be interested in learning more. 

6. Meet Corporate Decision Makers Galore at The Expo!

New York event planners who specialize in curating product launches, team-building events, corporate events, office parties, conferences, and trade shows can always attract more event clients with these proven methods. And getting in the room with all the top decision-makers is key – which is why you can’t miss The Event Planner Expo 2024. Explore ticket options and exhibitor opportunities, so you’re ready to shine at the premier conference for event planners!


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